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About Kratom

What is Kratom

Kratom (official name Mitragyna Speciosa) is a natural opioid (not opiate) that has been utilised within Eastern medicine for centuries to treat a variety of health problems, improve mood, relieve pain and increase worker production.

When ingested, Kratom can result in the reduction of anxiety, the elimination of pain, improved sleep, improved productivity, an increase in motivation and a general sense of well being.

Some people in chronic pain use Kratom in order to have a liveable life where they would otherwise be chained to prescription medications, Opiate addicts have used it to wean off hardcore drugs and sufferers of depression have found it lifesaving when traditional SSRI’s couldn’t provide a solution.

For those at a healthy starting point, Kratom can be used safely to considerably enhance your quality of life.

For the average healthy person, Kratom can be your secret weapon for killer motivation in the gym, for making you calm in high pressure situations and for giving you anxiety-free, social confidence.

It is legal in many countries, and relatively safe and inexpensive.

So, Exactly What is Kratom?

Kratom is a leafy plant native to Southeast Asia, namely Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Bali, that’s actually part of the coffee family. The leaves can be chewed (what Thai workers do to work long hours in the heat) but for the typical end user, the leaves are most commonly crushed and processed to form a fine powder.

This powder can then be ingested on it’s own, with juice or as a tea. Not smoked.

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Different Types of Kratom

Kratom generally falls into different categories based on where it’s from and it’s original color. These components generally give a clue as to what effects that particular Kratom will produce.

For example:

  • Thailand Kratom leaves tend to produce more energetic effects
  • Indonesian leaves produce a variety of energetic, moderate and sedative effects
  • Malaysian leaves usually have more “moderate” qualities
  • And Bali (or Borneo) leaves more often than not provide relaxing, sedative effects

You then have the color, generally comprising of red, white, green and yellow.
The processed powder you receive will generally be a shade of green but the original leaf will have been comprised of one of the above colors.
The combined location and color of kratom will determine its speed.

Kratom Speed

Depending on it’s location of origin and color, Kratom will usually fall into one of 3 common categories of either fast, slow or moderate, pertaining to its effects:

  • FAST – fast strains can give you energy, increase your productivity and make your more sociable
  • SLOW – slow strains can help you relax and even experience “euphoria”
  • MODERATE – moderate strains are somewhere between the two, making you productive and calm. You won’t necessarily be able to tell what speed of Kratom you have just by looking at it but you should simply be able to go by what your Kratom vendor sells it as.

How to Take Kratom

There are a number of ways you can ingest Kratom. The simplest most preferable way is to mix with orange juice or lemonade. Another popular method is the quick and simple Toss n’ Wash, whereby you simply scoop a spoonful of the powder into your mouth followed by a big sip of water, swill it round inside your mouth to mix it up, then knock it back. It’s a little tricky at first but you get used to it. Another popular alternative is to make a tea out of the Kratom powder by boiling it up in a pan with some water, letting it sit so that the residue falls to the bottom, then straining off the liquid. Many people prefer this and there are a few recipes you can follow.

Some people also like to take Kratom capsules. I generally don’t recommend buying Kratom in this form but some people insist it is their preferred option. The most important thing when it comes to taking Kratom, however, is the dosage.

Finding Your “Sweet Spot”

Unfortunately, Kratom isn’t a compound you can just take a set amount of and Bam! You get the effects! And more doesn’t always mean better.

There is definitely a “sweet spot” that varies from person to person that you will have to discover for yourself through trial and error. We’ll talk more about dosage and how much you should specifically take as a beginner in the following guide but a typical amount is around 3 to 10g. Yes, that’s quite a margin. The higher quality your Kratom, the less you will need and other factors such as your tolerance level and how empty your stomach is will all have an impact.

Too little and you won’t feel anything; too much and you’ll most likely feel a bit “heady” and nauseous, and at worse, be sick.

For now, hopefully, this gives you a good summary of what Kratom is, how it feels and how you go about taking it. We hope you enjoy Kratom in a safe and positive way!

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