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The ‘magic powder’ as people call it, Kratom has gained acceptance in the United States faster than anyone anticipated. From an uncanny purchase to a fan-favorite, Kratom has come a long way. And a significant reason behind Kratom’s success is brands like Shop Ketum that strive to provide only the top tier products to the customers. If it weren’t for credible brands that care for the customers more than anything, the product would never gain popularity. Similarly, Shop Ketum has devised a new package named the ‘Two Way Split’ that will allow you to get double the fun at the price of one!

What’s a Two Way Split?

A two-way split is just a fancy term for including two different kratom strains in one purchase. We understand that sometimes the customers end up buying massive amounts of kratom powder that they cannot use in a limited time frame. Also, people sometimes just get fed up with consuming a similar flavor for months. Therefore, if you are tired of having the same old kratom from a large pack that seems never-ending, a two-way split is all you need. Shop Ketum offers two quantities of two-way splits based on your consumption. If you are a daily consumer, we have a kilo split pack. And for occasional enthusiasts, Shop Ketum has a half kilo package. And the icing on the cake, you have the complete liberty to choose whatever strain combo you like!

Why a Two Way Split is Better Than a Regular Kilo Pack?

Variety and convenience are the main reasons why a split deal is way better than purchasing a kilo pack. If you still cannot comprehend how a two-way split supersedes a regular kilo pack, we have got you covered. Here are the exclusive benefits that you do not want to miss out on:

Enjoy Two Flavors at The Price of One!

When you order a kilo split pack or a half kilo split pack, you get two different kratom strains. Although people love Mitragyna, they can still get bored by its bland flavor if they don’t have variety.

Shop Ketum’s two-way split gives you the opportunity to take two different packets of kratom powder, each with a distinct flavor. You also have the complete liberty to choose whatever strain you want. We don’t interfere with your decision by any means.

However, if you want advice regarding which combo works best, we will be more than happy you help you out. And the silver lining? We don’t charge a penny more for the two-way split. You can buy the deal at the same price as that of a regular kilo pack.

Mix The Kratom To Create Your Personalized Blend!

Ketum is an excellent herb, but we can amp it up a little more. We are aware that Mitragyna has a lot of different strains. Most of us don’t know that although the plant is similar, different kratom strains have other effects on the human body.

Hence, when you buy a two-way split, you can pick two strains of your choice and mix them in proportions you like. Kratom’s effects can be manipulated by mixing contrasting varieties. For instance, the white vein is known for its energizing and alerting properties, while the red vein kratom is known for a soothing and sedative effect.

With a two-way split, you have complete control, and you can create your personalized blend with whatever strain you what, in whatever amount you want. Besides, if you are worried about whether Shop Ketum is a credible store or not, allow us to explain why Shop Ketum is one of the best places to buy kratom.

Why Buy a Two Way Split From Shop Ketum?

When people say that it is hard to find the right shop to buy kratom, we don’t blame them. With Ketum’s worldwide prevalence, what used to be a secluded market is now bustling with thousands of vendors. Therefore, it can be challenging to get your first deal right. But you can thank fate for leading you straight to Shop Ketum, as when it comes to selling Kratom, Shop Ketum is leagues ahead of its competition.

Experienced workers, an eye for perfection, and high-quality raw material are some things that make Shop Ketum go one up against the others. On top of that, our impeccable customer service is renowned as we always cater to the customers’ needs. Moreover, here are the highlights of the benefits you get for buying a two-way split from us:

Our Combos Go Well Together!

Experience is everything when it comes to kratom. Shop Ketum is home to some of the oldest kratom enthusiasts, and we make full use of their expertise to better our company. Although you have the freedom to choose combos on your own, you might be a fresher and have no idea what goes best with what. Our team of experts is one call away, so contact us now and make an informed decision.

We Sell Premium Products ONLY!

Quality is something Shop Ketum never compromises upon. We source our kratom strains right from the native Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia and Malaysia so that our customers develop a real taste. Shop Ketum imports Mitragyna of the highest quality that adept native workers hand-pick individually. On top of that, we pay hefty amounts to ensure that the leaves arrive at our facilities in perfect condition. We test them using state-of-the-art equipment and ensure that every single two-way split pack is top-notch.

Get a Two Way Split at an Exclusive Price!

Shop Ketum’s two-way split is an excellent opportunity for kratom enthusiasts. The icing on the cake is that we don’t charge more for this deal. You get double the fun at half the price. We have priced the package reasonably so that money doesn’t hinder enthusiasts from enjoying this fantastic product. Hence, contact us now and get your hands on a high-end two-way split at a reasonable price.