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Immerse in the flavorful and aromatic experience of natural strains you have never experienced before! Ketum Superior is the first resort for the finest quality Kratom sourced directly from all-natural farms. From cultivating in fertile soil to harvesting, drying, extracting, processing, grinding and then packaging — the entire process is carried out with immense delicateness. The result is ultimately a top-notch quality Mitragyna product with the environment and wildlife fully preserved. We have traveled Southeast Asia in search of the best authentic Kratom varieties. Check out our wide selection of powders, capsules, extracts and crushed leaves. For the perfect enthusiasts, we offer superior strains, samplers, and a pack of the month club. Before selecting a strain to buy Kratom online, you can also learn about its benefits, legality, top alkaloids and some of the most famous, specialty Kratom regions.

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Ethical Sourcing

We believe that quality products begin with quality sourcing. This very quest for quality plantations has taken us to every corner of the world. There isn’t a native region where we haven’t stepped in. Though wild-crafting is a beneficial way to obtain Kratom, we prefer to procure the crop from Certified Farms where we grow and harvest more than Natural Kratom strains. To meet the ever-growing demand, we have also a network of reputable suppliers in Southeast Asia who never fail to export us the finest quality raw Kratom.

Immaculately Balanced Strains

Processing and grinding the crushed leaves without losing its natural essence is a challenge in itself. Plus, the alkaloids present in the strains vary wildly with the environmental conditions. However, Ketum is one of those handful Kratom vendors out there that meticulously accomplish both these daunting tasks without compromising on the beneficial characteristics, aroma or flavor. The final product is an all-rounder masterpiece featuring an artisanal blend of smooth taste, distinct fragrance, rich flavors and a soothing and a revitalizing impact- yet, another feature that sets us apart.

The Widest Kratom Selection

We doubt you will find any other brand with a product catalogue as comprehensive as ours. This in turn reinforces our commitment to diversity and innovation to improve the overall health and wellness of the world. We have a team of in-house experts to choose the finest quality and the best strains for you.  From the prominent ones like Maeng Da and Malay to the rare ones like Gold, Elephant, Hulu and Indo, our product range encompasses Kratom powders, Kratom capsules, Kratom extracts, tinctures, bundles and everything you can think to knock your socks off.

Testing and Retesting

We always prioritize delivering the absolute best speciosa. This means providing 100% Authentic Kratom whether grown or outsourced.  Therefore, all batches are sent to third-party laboratories to perform comprehensive testing as well as rigorous risk assessments to ensure that our quality, purity, strength, composition and consistency does not lag behind. And, only the products meeting our strict specifications and the high concentration of Mitragyna alkaloids are put up for Kratom sale.

Meeting Quality Standards

Complying with ALL quality standards is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. However, our devotion to advancing people’s health and safety has led us to achieve the milestone — giving you another reason to ditch your regular vendor and pick Ketum as your ultimate store to purchase Kratom online.

Ketum is an AKA-certified vendor with a stringent surveillance process and intense Quality Assurance Programs. Moreover, all FDA guidelines are strictly followed. And, to keep the scrutiny even more intact we regularly conduct third party audits that unbiasedly monitor our facility and supply chain management. We also remain steadfast in our commitment to Good Manufacturing Practices.


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