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Customer Payment Information
Please read below​

Please read below about our payment options. If you need help or have questions please give us a call Monday thru Friday 10am – 5pm at 424-327-4966 or email at Thank you for your continued support and business.

Debit or Credit Card (Phone orders) – We can take all forms of card payments over the phone Monday thru Friday 10am – 5pm at 424-327-4966 or email at

Debit or Card Card(Directly on website) (No AMEX) We take Visa/MasterCard and Discover. AMEX is unsupported but can take AMEX cards over the phone with our phone processor.

Debit or Credit Cards using (UGOTBANK) – You can register and fund your UGOTBANK account which will be used towards your Ketum purchase.UGOTBANK confirms each purchase with 2 factor authentication to your mobile phone, so your funds are safe from unauthorized use. Your info is NEVER shared with any credit reporting agency. A small $1.25 processing fee will be applied by the processor, but you can offset the fee using promo code: MESH for $3 off your order.

eChecksPlease read — Checks will be written to Ketum LLC and directly debited from your checking account in 2-3 days business days, so please keep the funds available. (For new customers) Please allow up to (3) business days for check processing before shipping, but if you email us at to confirm you will keep the funds available. We’ll release your order sooner. If for any reason the check bounces we will acquire a $25 charge back fee from our bank.

Green Bean Pay – Similar to Cash App. Green Bean Pay offers a simpler and safer way to pay via electronic check with a 24 hour processing time. Green Bean Pay allows you to process payments directly from your bank account. You simply link your online checking account to your new or existing Green Bean Pay account to begin using. All Payments will be made payable to Ketum LLC.

How does it work?

  • Choose Green Bean Pay at checkout
  • Enter Cell Phone # or email to receive a verification code
  • Enter verification code into checkout page
  • Link checking account
  • Place order

Pop Money and Zelle – Easily send and request money thru your bank using. Most banks use Pop Money or Zelle to transfer funds. After the completion of your order we will provide our email for payment.

Pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies – Pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are accepted through our integrated Coinbase account.

Cash App – Easy mobile money apps. Attach your debit or credit card. After the completion of your order we will provide our email for payment.

Google Pay – We will provide a screen name after completion of the order. Please include your name in the “memo”. You can download the app free here: (Please don’t mention Kratom or Ketum in the product description).

MoneyGram/Western Union – An easy online way to send money. Simply create an account at or We will provide a name for payment and your order is shipped. Any currency transfer fee’s that apply can be deducted from the cost of the order.

(For international orders) Skrill, PaySend and Transfer Wise – Easy mobile apps that are great for international orders and will also convert currency. Any currency transfer fee’s that apply can be deducted from the cost of the order! Any questions please email us at

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