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Where are you shipping from?

Our shipping center is located in Los Angeles, California.

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If, at any given time, you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter or email updates, then you can do so by choosing the ‘Unsubscribe’ option. This is mentioned at the bottom of all the emails sent to you by us.

My Payment Methods

Just like any other Kratom and CBD site, paying through Credit Card at Kratom Queen isn’t an option, unfortunately. However, there are other alternative options to pay for your purchased goods. These include Cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoins and USDC), Electronic Checks and Mobile Applications (like Venmo, Zelle and Square Cash App).

Note: To transfer money to the above Apps or buy Cryptocurrencies, you can always use your Cards. These platforms accept all major Debit and Credit Cards, Visa, American Express and Mastercard.

Exchanges & Returns

Return Process

Not satisfied with your order? You can return your parcel within four weeks of purchase by contacting us*. Our Customer Representative will issue a return label bearing your information, which will remain confidential at all stages.

Drop off Return

Once the return label is issued to you, drop the product at any specified post offices (in an untampered and original packing). After we receive back the product, our team will closely inspect the condition, and the amount will be fully or partially reimbursed (depending) via the same method you chose to pay through.

Return with Gift Receipt

Don’t wish to get reimbursed? We will dispatch a Gift or an Exchange Receipt, which you can use to purchase something else instantly or at some point later. And of course, don’t worry! Your payment is secure with us.

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Not finding the help you need?

1-424-327-4966 - (Monday - Friday) 9 to 21 (EST)

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