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About Us

Our goal at Ketum is to provide superior kratom and affordable prices so people have an opportunity to experience the therapeutically beneficial properties kratom possesses. We pride ourselves in ethically sourcing high-quality young and juicy organic kratom leaves from deep jungles to high altitude mountains of southeast Asia. Straight from the jungle, we utilize the safest technology to manufacture and ship our products straight from beautiful Los Angeles, California.

Our Mission

To ensure safe and reliable access to organic and ethically sourced premium quality. We want to make sure that high-quality kratom is affordable and easily accessible for kratom users.

By sourcing organic kratom from experienced kratom farmers located in the jungles of southeast Asia, we provide our customers with pure, potent, and premium kratom products at a fair price point.

Our Process

We first select only the most high-quality kratom leaves from across southeast Asia. These leaves are cultivated and harvested by experienced kratom farmers. Their practises are what make our kratom superior. For high alkaloid contents, we select only the finest mature leaves.

The kratom is then shipped to our manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, California where we craft our kratom products. Our quality and safety standards are a top priority. Enhancing your health and well being is our top priority.

Our Promise

We take pride in our kratom products. Everything we produce is backed by our quality assurance policy. If you are not satisfied return your unopened product within seven days for a refund. Free shipping on every order is considered standard practise alongside our affordable pricing.

Holistic alternatives to traditional medications that may cause long term health issues should be available to everyone. Take comfort in knowing that the kratom you purchase from Ketum Superior Kratom offers a variety of vein colors and strains with lab results.

WAAVE Compliance