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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) for Ketum LLC (mentioned as “we”, “us”, or “our”) guides you through how the data and information we collect or retain from the buyers who visit our site or use our Services is used and protected.

This Privacy Policy can be subject to modification at any time in the future. Keep revisiting this page for awareness of further changes. Please note that your use of our Services is an agreement to our Policy and Terms of Services.

What Information We Collect

The information we collect about you is further divided into two things.

The information we collect indirectly from:

Third-party sites
The Information we collect directly from you when

You use our services.
You Sign-up for an account on our Site.
You subscribe to our newsletter.
You communicate with us.

What Includes The Information We Retain

The personal information that you give us includes,

Your first and last name
Your billing address
Your shipping address
Your email address
Your credit card information
Your contact number
Your order that you placed

Why We Collect Information

The reason why we collect your information is to improve and personalize your experience of our Site.

We collect basic information such as email IDs, phone numbers, and the name of the addressee to facilitate our customers with an improved product delivery service. Such information is necessary for us into building a healthy relationship with you and rendering the best possible user interface for easy navigation and buying.

We use your email ID and contact info for the following reasons:

Your email is used to send you confirmation and tracking of your order so you may be able to track your order at any given time. We also use your email to send you occasional newsletters about our products and Services. Information on promotions, contests, and other site features is also intimated via email.
To confirm the order placed, we use your contact number to cross-check the details you’ve provided. We may also use your contact number to inform you about your order arriving shortly at your doorstep.
The integral requisite of collecting your personal information here is crucial for us in maintaining an internal database for our records.

How We Collect Information

We use automatic and permission-based services for the collection of data. As you interact with our site, your data is retained.

Your information is mainly collected through,

Cookies are small log files stored in your computer, only if you agree to the use of cookies. Other cookies may be created when you comment on our site, make an account on our Site, or upload an image to our Site. Your cookies are retained for a year. You can disable our cookies from your Web Browser settings at any time.

Contact form
When you fill the contact form at Sign-Up your data is automatically stored in our records.

Third-Party Tracking Information
Your information can be retained through the use of third-party sites.

Other Information About Our Policy


Honor the Do-Not-Track (DNT) mechanisms.
Do not offer any third-party services or products on our Site
Have enabled Google Adsense on our Site.
Do not leak your personal information.
NOTE: This site is not for children under the age of 13

Protection of Data

All the data we collect from you, directly or indirectly, is encrypted automatically for your information security and protection. Our website is regularly checked for any bugs in the security system for the safety of our users.


Although the security of your data is our top priority, this may be subject to changes for,

Legal Reasons
For compliance with the law and regulation, and in case of a threat to you or the country, we are required to disclose your personal information.

For Shipping
We rely on outsider shipping like FedEx or UPS, for shipping the orders you have placed. We disclose your personal information to such third party shipping companies, but these companies do not have the right to retain any personal information. Read more about shipping here.

In case you disagree with our data and Privacy Policy, you should refrain from visiting our Site.

In case of any queries or concerns, you may email us at

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