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For anyone who has been around in the world of kratom for a while, the name OPMS would not be unfamiliar. The regular consumers of Speciosa would agree that OPMS products happen to be the highest quality Mitragyna that is being produced in the US today. Whether you’re buying the herb online or getting it from a local market, in both case scenarios, you are likely to come across the big company name.

While shopping for Kratom online, you have greater chances of landing good products because there’s a vast selection present on multiple vending sites. You can easily order the plant in bulk and have a tonne of options available to choose from, such as capsules, powder, extracts, liquid, tea bags, crushed leaves, tablets, and whatnot. 

Once you shift offline and base your Speciosa shopping only locally in nearby drug stores, your options do become a tad bit limited. This is due to several reasons. One, not many stores that exist would be found in possession of this herb. Indeed, Speciosa’s consumption outweighs its production, and hence the shortage. Second, the stores that do sell the herb, such as gas stations, drug stores, and vape stores, may be far away from your house. In such a scenario, locating OPMS products can be a tougher nut to crack than you can imagine.

Although it is the oldest, leading brand producing Mitragyna in the U.S., you can still find difficulty locating its gold and silver capsules and liquid Ketum extract due to the lesser availability and unreliability of local stores. Turning to a reliable online store is the easiest way for you to enjoy a hundred percent authentic Speciosa products from the comfort of your home. And what better a platform than ShopKetum with its diverse variety of OPMS products at the most reasonable retailing prices that you are unlikely to find anyplace else!

However, if you are someone who’s just discovering kratom that is in itself a whole new world, it is easy to feel a little lost. It is completely alright if you do not know what the hype about the brand is or in fact, what OMPS itself is. We’ll walk you through everything that you need to know about the brand in this section below.

What is OPMS Kratom?

OPMS is essentially the most trusted and renowned name in the world of Kratom. The brand has been around forever, producing authentic and the finest quality Mitragyna in the whole of the US. But what exactly does OPMS stand for? That is the abbreviated form of Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions. It is the seller of only two primary herbs and their products- one being kratom of course, and the other being Kava.

OPMS is a pioneer in making extraordinary Ketum products since 2005. Located in Los Angeles, California, the brand is recognized as one of the oldest Mitragyna sellers in the U.S., having served the country for 15 years. Now, when you stand firm in the competitive market for so long, it is obvious that you are doing something that is quite outstanding. That is what goes for this company as well. The brand has created for itself a secure place in the industry by selling and supplying original, organic, and healthy kava and kratom capsules and liquid. 

Although its Ketum products are what most people die for, the one drawback to its marketing strategy is that the brand only allows sale in local retail stores in almost all U.S. states except for those that ban Ketum’s use within their borders. The brand does not sell any products online on its website and hence does not fully reach its true marketing potential. 

However, thanks to the recent pandemic, the brand has finally gone online with the help of online sellers such as Shop Ketum and Fast Incense. By shopping online at Shop Ketum, you can get all OPMS manufactured Speciosa products delivered to your doorstep.

What Products Does the OPMS Kratom Manufacture and Sell?

The range of products produced and sold by the company is quite concise as compared to online kratom selling stores like Shop Ketum. However, the brand ensures that while its productivity is limited to only a few forms of Speciosa, the quality maintained is top-notch at all times! The brand focuses more on quality than quantity, for which reason you wouldn’t find capsules, liquid, and extracts like this brand anywhere in the whole of the U.S.

Here is the product range and the prices offered by OPMs:

What Kratom Strains Does OPMS Offer?

There are a plethora of kratom strains available at different retailing and manufacturing stores online and even locally. However, this isn’t the case with OPMS. The brand sells a very limited number of top-quality Speciosa strains that are easily every consumer’s favorite. 

The only strains available under the brand in question are:

  • Maeng Da 
  • Sumatra 
  • Green Malay
  • Borneo 
  • Thai 
  • Indo 

Considering that these are the only strains you are likely to find under the brand’s name, it may come as a disappointment if you’re a Red Bali Ketum user. In fact, even the color variations are quite limited, with most strains being available in the green color and very few (mostly Maeng Da Ketum) available in red and white.

OPMS Product Line

The only forms of Ketum that you would ever get your hands on under the name of the said brand are capsules, liquid extract, and powder. While all the products sold by this brand are 100% genuine and of superior quality, the OPMS capsules are particularly to die for!

OPMS Silver

OPMS Silver is a whole other brand line of different products within the OPMS brand itself. The line manufactures Ketum powder and capsules that fall in line with the standards of the American Kratom Association and is of a quality unmatched by any other. 

As is expected of the OPMS products, its Silver powder and capsules are also made out of a limited number of strains (only three). These are Maeng Da, Thai, and Malay Special Reserve. Wondering what “Special Reserve” could possibly mean? Well, pretty much the case with everyone. The way the product has been named is kind of vague, considering that it isn’t clear if it actually is the product name or if it simply means that the item is a limited edition.


The Silver Special Reserve is the most popular product line of the whole brand. The Mitragyna powder sold under this brand name starts at $19.99 and peaks at $57.99. These prices may differ according to the places that they’re being sold at. The prices of the capsules of the three strains vary according to their quality and demand as well. Shop Ketum goes a step further and offers the Special Reserves at the cheapest rates imaginable in the whole of the US. 

The average price that you can expect for these capsules are as follows:

  • Maeng Da capsules range from $6.49 to $73.00 based on the size of your order. 
  • The cost of Malay capsules varies from $6.99 to $77.99.
  • The price of the Thai capsules ranges from $5.99 to $67.99.

These prices are quite affordable given that the quality the brand offers is incomparable to any other. The icing on the cake for you is that you can now find very reasonable Special Reserve silver capsules in all three strains at Shop Ketum for a whopping $12.99 rupees per pack that you can get delivered conveniently right at your doorstep.


The Gold capsules have a big hand in the popularity and success of the brand. The brand itself claims that the capsules are a pinnacle of all its offerings. So, what makes the gold capsules so good as is claimed by the brand? What makes it better than the other Ketum capsules available in the market? Let’s find out.

The OPMS gold capsules are sought-after because they are far richer in quality than other kratom capsules in the market. The company specializes in using a special process known as cold water extraction which is a type of fractional crystallization used to preserve the alkaloids within the Speciosa strain. The process helps the capsules achieve that expected potency and ensures a quality superior to that of other tablets. 

All the gold capsules are made from the popular green-vein Maeng Da strain. These can be bought in different-sized packs that each contains two, three, or five gold capsules. All gold capsules contain a special emblem purple in color which helps you distinguish the original one from the fake.


The prices of these gold capsules vary depending on which size package you are getting. They also differ according to the place that you’re buying the capsules from.  The 2, 3, and 5 capsules packages are priced as follows:

  • 3 Gold Capsules Package: You can get these for an average price of $25.95 
  • 5 Gold Capsules Package: You can get these for an average price of $46.95 

OPMS Liquid Extract

OPMS Liquid Kratom Extract comes in pretty elegant hourglass contour bottles that are tightly sealed to sustain the supreme quality of each liquid extract. This liquid extract is a representation of exceptional quality control and a remarkable blend of modern sciences. The brand does not exercise the use of alcohol in the manufacturing process of this liquid. Instead, the specialists at the company make an extraction using cold, distilled water.

Each of these tiny hourglass bottles contains 8.8 millimeters of Speciosa extract and each shot has a single dose. Each bottle is sold for $22.00 at ShopKetum that is a renowned store certified to distribute and sell OPMS products. Buying the extract in bulk would be a wise decision here as it would help you minimize costs and get a lot of Kratom all at once. You can purchase one or several boxes containing 45 bottles each.

The Liquid Kratom extract from this company packs an extremely powerful punch and is enriched with alkaloids present in maximum concentrations. The maximum potency sustained within this extract can be experienced with just a single drop that is enough to take all your chronic pains away.

What Makes OPMS Better Than The Rest of the Mitragyna Manufacturing Brands?

The hype for the OPMS brand is quite real. Why do we say this? Here are some of the reasons why the brand is recognized as the best Mitragyna selling brand in the US.

Authentic Products

The authenticity and reliability of its products cannot be further stressed by the brand other than the fact that it has dedicated a whole section of its website to prove that all products sold under its name are a hundred percent original. While the brand doesn’t speak of factors that help us understand why its products are better than the rest, it does explain in great detail how one can differentiate between a fake OPMS product and a real one. This shows that the brand strives to ensure that its valued customers do not fall prey to fake claims and get delivered the best quality kratom.

Easy Navigation on its Website

While technological advancements have made every individual capable of surfing smartly through the internet, not everyone gets how to navigate through fancy websites with confusing interfaces. OPMS has kept it simple by creating an easy-to-use website that just anybody can use.

Affordable Prices

The liquid extract and capsules offered by the brand are quite affordable for everyone. However, these prices may vary according to the retailer as the brand only sells to distributors. To counter this issue as well, the OPMS website dedicates an entire section to “suggested retail prices” to ensure that its customers do not end up paying a whole lot of extra money for a cheaper product.

Where Can I Buy OPMS Products?

While there are multiple online and local stores that sell products under this brand name, there’s a high chance of you ending up with a fake product due to unreliable and corrupt stores. In such a scenario, putting your trust in a good store can be demanding. Hence, we suggest making all your Speciosa purchases at Shop Ketum

Our online store does not only sell quality and 100% authentic Organically Purified Mitragyna Speciosa products, but it also offers them at the cheapest possible prices in the whole of America. We are a trusted brand working to ensure that only the best type of Kratom reaches you. However, you do not have to take our word for it. Order now and avail of further discounts at an already discounted price and try it out for yourself. 

And before you know it, you will find yourself shopping for Speciosa in bulk from Shop Ketum repeatedly. There you go! We’ve solved the problem for you. You would never have to visit another store or worry about getting bad quality kratom ever again! Simply hit that “Add to cart” button and enjoy the best Ketum products that you might’ve never experienced before!