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There’s a reason why we feel the need to call it King Kong! The Jong Kong strain of Mitragyna is not a marketing gig but a real game-changer. The magnitude of effects and the big changes it brings to your life are certainly giant-size. The farmers in Indonesia go an extra step to explore the natural plantations and the discovery of Jong Kong Kratom is a phenomenal find.


The humid and hot Jong Kong Island in Indonesia is the home of this strain, which inherits the nutrients and alkaloid profile from the soil and climate. The forests of this island have favourable soil that makes Jong Kong Kratom potent and effective. You can rely on the best vendors online to source this strain that is relatively new but has already become popular.

The kratom trees in Jong Kong grow without any fertilizers or pesticides, which makes it an extraordinary strain to use for some natural boost of energy!


The farmers cultivating kratom in Indonesia are well-aware of the ripening period, and the right time to pick the leaves. These farmers partner with the top manufacturers in the United States to export the leaves that become the raw material for all the kratom products available in the market.

The farmers hand-pick the juiciest, healthiest leaves and dry them for an optimum period. This drying process is a careful step as the leaves are covered with thin cotton sheets to keep dust, insects, and moisture away. The alkaloids lose their potential if they are exposed to the sun for a long and the drying process must be done in the right way to ensure full alkaloid activity!

Once the leaves reach the manufacturing unit, experts follow processing steps closely to keep the nutrients intact. You can buy capsules, powder, extracts, tinctures, and many innovative edibles that have effective and fresh kratom.

The last step of processing is packaging, which is AKA GMP compliant and confirms the freshness of the contents. So when you receive your kratom products, they are fresh and potent. Any quality online shop will provide the best products that are fresh and are bound to make a difference!

Kratom was part of the traditional medicines in Indonesia for centuries before we opened the gateway for this natural supplement in the west. The energizing and stimulating effects of this herb are not only a surprise but a better way to improve health. Try out kratom products from the best online shops in America, and you will feel the exotic Jong Kong energy!

Types of Jong Kong Kratom

By now we all know that most kratom strains are named after their origin and the color of the leaf vein. Jong Kong Kratom also has variations based on the vein color. You can find red, green, and white Jong Kong Kratom, each bearing its unique properties.

For all of you who seek relief with a burst of energy, the red vein variation is a good pick. We do not have scientific evidence for this but kratom users provide a good insight into the unique effects of Red Jong Kong as a stimulant with a hint of relaxation. The green vein variant has a dark green, earthy color that can be an analogy of the soothing, mild impact it has. The aromatic strain will energize and stimulate users without the surge of calmness and you would want to head out for a game or some weightlifting!

The white Jong Kong Kratom is your entrance to a calm and soothing state that will help focus on important things. If you have cluttered the mind with useless worries, this kratom strain is a good way to clean out and enjoy life.

How can you store Jong Kong Kratom products?

Jong Kong kratom has no specific storage instructions except that you must ensure freshness. If you buy kratom powder online, then try to shift the contents of the bag to an air-tight jar to keep in a dry and dark place. Sunlight and air moisture are a big No for all kratom products as they can dull the alkaloid impact! Moreover, the aroma of your Jong Kong Kratom powder is what makes a great cup of tea. You wouldn’t want to lose the fresh smell of an early morning tea fix!

Similarly, the capsules and tablets can remain in the opaque jars with vacuum-sealed caps. These jars are designed to keep the last dosage of kratom as fresh and potent as the first one! Tinctures and shots, or liquid kratom also come in sealed cap bottles so that you take in the freshness of nature with the promise of full results!

Factors to consider before you buy Jong Kong Kratom

Now we come to the first step of decisions! What is the best online shop for kratom? Where can I find quality kratom? These questions are often the first ones from beginners, however, you can spot the right vendor by a few factors.

  • Laboratory-tested kratom is a must so that users have the satisfaction that they are using safe products. Any good online shop will provide laboratory test results so that you know what kind of product you are using!
  • AKA GMP packaging is another ‘seal’ of freshness that must not be ignored. The best kratom available online comes in sealed jars and packs so that you can enjoy aromatic and fresh ketum products every time.
  • Transparent processing ensures that each step of production is clean, clear, and careful. The best online vendors provide a trail of processing steps so that users can rest assured that their Mitragyna supply is pure.
  • Bogus brands are common as kratom is becoming more popular. You have to steer clear of such vendors by ordering from a reputable online shop.


Jong Kong Kratom is a new strain that is gaining popularity fast. You want to enjoy the fresh burst of energy, try this strain varieties but make sure you buy from the best kratom online shop to benefit from fresh, clean, and safe kratom products!