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Ketum is perhaps the herb that gained worldwide acceptance in the shortest time. The plant has hundreds of benefits, both recreational and therapeutic. But when anything gets popular, the number of fakes in the market increases exponentially. The same goes for kratom crushed leaf.

When it comes to Kratom, it has several forms, each different from the rest. Therefore, it can be tricky to pick a product that suits your needs. The crushed leaf variant is an all-rounder. It has a coarse texture that gives it an optimum surface area. Moreover, it is also cheaper than the powdered variant. From making teas to having it orally, you can use the crushed leaf however you want to. Additionally, its unique texture makes it perfect for brewing tea.

Besides, numerous kratom sellers are operating in the United States, and all of them claim to offer the best quality. But a vast majority of those sellers offer you a low-quality product with a high risk of side effects. They bait you by giving cheaper price tags. So, whenever you see a product that is valued surprisingly lower than markets, the likelihood of it being fake is very high.

With that said, let’s address the question of the hour: What exactly is crushed leaf kratom? And importantly, is it any good?

What is Crushed Leaf Kratom?

Kratom is imported into the United States in its raw form, the full-sized leaves. The Asian plant is known for its broad leaves. Although they are green, the different veins add a tinge to the leaves, shifting towards the red or white side.

Kratom crushed leaf is one of the oldest forms of kratom. Although the western world is more familiar with the powder, the natives still use kratom in the crushed structure. Moreover, kratom enthusiasts who use it on a daily basis claim that kratom’s potency in its crushed leaf form is by far the strongest.

Furthermore, crushed leaf diverges from ordinary kratom powder as the breaking instead of grinding better preserves its chemical nature, giving us a unique alkaloid profile. Besides, making crushed leaf is as easy as it sounds. Have a look and see for yourself.

How is it Made?

The leaves are dried until their moisture content gets so low that we can blitz them instantly. Making crushed leaf Mitragyna is a reasonably straightforward process. Literally, we just need to crush the leaves until we get to the desired particle size.

Usually, we do the crushing in the state of the art facilities. Breaking it is easy on a small scale, but things can get complicated when it comes to commercial practice. We need to achieve a perfect particle size.

If we grind it too fine, it will turn into kratom powder, and if we don’t break it correctly, the big pieces will have a low surface area, which would make them less potent. Therefore, we need specialized equipment that does precise crushing every single time.

And that’s how we make kratom crushed leaf from scratch. Moreover, if you cannot pick between Mitragyna powder and crushed leaf, the undermentioned passage is all you need to make an informed decision.

Is It Better Than Ketum Powder?

The most frequent question regarding crushed leaf is if it’s better than the powdered form. Even though there is no concrete published evidence to support this claim, regular Mitragyna users suggest that crushed leaf is the most potent of all states.

Some may argue that powder has a larger surface area, so its effects should be more profound. However, while grinding the leaves to a powder, the heat due to friction alters the leaves’ alkaloid profile. Therefore, the effects get milder.

If you use Ketum crushed leaf, you will get a euphoric effect much faster than its powdered counterpart. Moreover, the crushed variant produces a longer-lasting outcome that stays for a considerable amount of time. However, the strength also depends on the method of administration. Speaking of which, let’s see how we can use crushed kratom leaf to make full use of its potency.

How to Use it?

There are two contrasting ways to use crushed leaf. Perhaps the best way to use this variant is by making tea. Crushed leaf unquestionably makes the best tea out of all kratom products. The coarse texture is just like the conventional tea we get, helps preserve the alkaloids at high temperature, and allows them to steep into the water effectively.

Secondly, we can smoke the leaf. We can simply roll it into a joint and smoke it like regular kratom powder. This method is relatively less common than the first one, but it still works like a charm. On top of that, we can simply chew on the leaves as well. The natives still use this method to get their dose of kratom. However, people in the western world are reluctant to chew on the leaves directly.

Regardless of the method of administration, crushed leaf Ketum is one of the best variants. Moving on, let’s address the question that has been in your mind since line one,

Why Should You Buy From Shop Ketum

Premium Raw Material Imported Directly From Southeast Asia
Kratom is a natural herb that we need to handle with care. It is native to South Asia. And believe it or not, we cannot recreate the original quality by locally growing the herb. Therefore, Shop Ketum sources all of its raw material from premium farms spread across Asia. Several other brands try to mimic the real deal by growing kratom in the United States, but it does not work. Locally grown Ketum comes nowhere near the product imported from its native Asian countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.
Experienced Farmers Handpick Every Leaf

On top of that, our farmers are some of the most experienced ones in all of South Asia. They specialize in hand-picking the leaves in the traditional manner. Yes, we pick our kratom leaves by hand! Hence, the quality provided by Shop Ketum is unparalleled. A trained farmer picks every single leaf manually. Therefore, the chances of a lousy leaflet sneaking in are negligible. Moreover, we source our raw material from selected jungles only. These jungles are known for their high-end kratom leaves that give by far the most potent effects.

High Alkaloid Content

Now, as Kratom enthusiasts, you all must be aware that the more mature the leaf is, the higher the alkaloid content. Shop Ketum wants its products to be as potent as possible because you can always take a reduced dose for a subtle effect, but it isn’t economical the other way round. Accordingly, we have specially instructed our farmers to pick only the mature leaves that are jam-packed with the alkaloids responsible for Mitragyna’s effects. And if that wasn’t enough, we use 100% organic produce grown in its natural soil, with no added harmful pesticides that may deteriorate Kratom’s flavor profile.

Exclusive Transport to Preserve Quality

Besides, sourcing premium raw material isn’t the only step. From the jungles of Southeast Asia to your cup, there are several tiers, with every level capable of depreciating Kratom’s quality. Transporting it intact is perhaps the biggest challenge. But at Shop Ketum, we know that investing a few extra bucks to fortify the shipping arrangements is worth it.

Hence, we pay the transporters a hefty sum just to ensure the kratom remains free from UV rays, moisture, and physical damage. The struggle doesn’t end here.

Exceptional Processing Facilities

Ketum is carefully unloaded at our state of the art manufacturing facilities located in Los Angeles, California. Our plants feature some of the most advanced machinery that has hit the industry. In fact, we regularly upgrade our equipment to ensure that our product quality remains high-end. Moreover, experts check each batch, and the quality control department makes sure that not even a single leaf is below our standards.

Therefore, if you select Shop Ketum, you will personally feel all the care put in by our teams with every sip. We offer three exclusive variants of Kratom crushed leaf, each best suited for a particular effect so that you can choose your kratom for the impact you want, and a unique tool.

Super White Vein (Crushed Leaf)

The white vein variants are known for their high potency. Kratom enthusiasts use this variant to get a boost of energy to get them through the day. It is ideal for those who like to increase their concentration, alertness, and vitality. The ‘Super’ in the name gives us an idea about its strength and stimulating effects.

Super Green Vein (Crushed Leaf)

Super Green Vein kratom’s effects lie in the middle ground. High doses produce a stimulating effect, while in low doses, it brings about a sedative effect. Super green vein crushed kratom is perfect for those who want a potent effect along with better endurance and a relaxing feel.

Super Red Vein (Crushed Leaf)

Red vein crushed leaf is one of the most popular variants. It is popular due to its sedative effects. Using red vein crushed leaf will make the user calmer, more composed, and relaxed. It also brings about a feeling of euphoria and is also known for its relieving properties. Therefore, if you are looking for a mellow, subtle effect, the red vein crushed leaf will suit you best.

A Handy Tool – Ketum Tea Leaf Infuser

As you know, crushed leaves and powder’s textures are poles apart, so we cannot use the regular tea bags with the former. Therefore, this device is specially designed by artisans to complement the crushed leaf variant. It is effortless to use as the silicone body makes it light and easy to maneuver. It allows your crushed leaf kratom to steep so that it releases all of its aromas, taking your tea to the next level. On top of that, you can buy the tea infuser at a reasonable price. And if that wasn’t enough, you can get it completely free if you buy 100g or more of the crushed leaf kratom.