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We all have imagined a trip to the exotic, green and serene Southeast Asian region where blue beaches and mesmerizing islands can take away all the stresses of our daily lives. Dragon kratom comes from the evergreen forests of Thailand, where the rain irrigated kratom trees grow tall and are nourished by moist and fertile soil.

This kratom strain is a mystery as many people ask about its origin. Moreover, all other strains of kratom are named after the vein color and the origin. For example, there is White Thai kratom, or Green Indo kratom but Dragon kratom is different. Let’s see how this strain is different from other famous strains.

The Physical Properties of Dragon Kratom

Dragon kratom has an earthy, and brownish green color in powder form. This kratom variant has a sharp yet refreshing aroma and the taste is also not as bitter as other strains. The name of this strain is probably from the strong effects of kratom that are due to the high amount of alkaloids.

All kratom varieties are rich in alkaloids but some have a higher amount of these chemical compounds. The more alkaloids in any strain, the stronger the impact!

The Various Dragon Kratom Strains

Dragon kratom is available in green, red, and white vein color strains. Moreover, you will find numerous exotic strains such as Golden Dragon, or Yellow Dragon at some online vendors also. The origin of these strains in Thailand, however, the origin of this name is not clear yet. Some people say that it is only a marketing gimmick while others say that this strain is the result of special processing and drying methods. A little insight into what various manufacturers do to get this variant of kratom might help understand why this strain is so exciting and special.

The Making of Dragon Kratom Products

The potent and healthy leaves of kratom trees from Thailand are hand-picked to prepare Dragon kratom. The leaves are washed and then dried under thin cotton sheets to ensure that they are not exposed to sunlight directly, and there is no dust or insects, or even moisture left on them. Once the leaves are dried and crisp, they are packed carefully and sent off for manufacturing products.

The manufacturing unit ensures that this alkaloid-rich kratom variant is ground properly.

Industrial grinders are used to churn the kratom leaves and create a fine powder. This powder is then used to make capsules, or even tinctures and extracts. For extracts of Dragon kratom, the fresh powder is added too solvents, and kept in warm mixers to extract all the alkaloids from the solid and create a liquid form of the extract. Oils can be made by the use of essential oils as a base for extracts. The kratom resin is created by reducing the extract liquids to a semi-solid form.

The capsules of kratom are available at reliable online vendors and they ensure the use of only the best substances like Non-GMO, Allergen-free and vegan capsule shells to pack the robust Dragon kratom powder.

Where to Buy Dragon kratom

Many online shops offer Dragon kratom. However, due to the uniqueness and exotic nature of this strain, many of you might not be able to get authentic Dragon kratom. Some subpar vendors may sell one of the usual strains as this exotic name, and if you are a novice user, you wouldn’t even get to know!

The best deal will be to buy from vendors that promise a few benchmark features such as:

  • Authentic Dragon kratom strains from Thailand,
  • Transparent and clean manufacturing processes,
  • Laboratory-tested products for efficacy and safety assurance,
  • AKA-GMP packaging to ensure freshness and contamination-free products.
  • Ethical consumerism ensures that customer satisfaction is a priority.

If you buy Dragon kratom from a local vendor or a smoke shop, it might not be fresh because they keep open bags in the store and keep selling from them until the stock ends. If you get a contaminated or stale kratom dosage, there is no responsibility of the smoke shopkeeper, because they buy from authentic sellers, but their storage methods are weak and not fit for a botanical like kratom!

Benefits of Dragon Kratom

Dragon kratom is a botanical substance and it can change your daily lifestyle significantly. Many people ask about kratom due to a lack of research and the only answer they can rely upon is from the reviews of consumers. When you want to rely on any organic substance rather than a laboratory-made product, it will always give you better results.

The alkaloids in Dragon kratom are potent and can make you feel more energized and refreshed. This benefit alone can mean more to consumers! Natural substances do not have any long-term side effects, which is beneficial for all consumers.

Is Dragon kratom a Marketing Gimmick?

Dragon kratom is a variation of kratom from Thailand, however, if it is not Red, Green, or White Thai, then what is Dragon kratom? This kratom variation is Thai kratom and a name is only a marketing tool.

The proof of this is the similarity of Dragon kratom with any of the Thai kratom strains. When compared, Red Thai and Red Dragon had similar properties. The exotic and unique name is just to attract users. Such marketing gimmicks are known previously as Maeng Da is also a name that was adopted to entice users.

However, some manufacturers say that the drying process is so unique that the alkaloids in this strain remain active, while the terpenes and flavonoids change composition to ensure that this kratom variety tastes better and can be consumed in a lot of interesting ways because it is not so bitter.


All kratom users must try Dragon kratom as it is an exotic and unique strain hailing from the deep, all-natural forests of Thailand. The serene and refreshing strain is considered a marketing gimmick, but those who use it say that it is one of the best strains to try!

Make sure you buy this strain from an authentic shop and enjoy the stimulation of kratom in its true spirit!