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Can You Take Kratom Multiple Times a Day?

Shuanna Kaufman May 31, 2023 0 comments

Kratom is beneficial for lots of reasons from energy to relaxation, focus to tranquility. When those effects wear off, you might want more, but can you take kratom multiple times a day without side effects?

The answer is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no, so Shop Ketum kratom experts put together this comprehensive blog. Keep reading to learn if you can take kratom multiple times a day and the benefits and risks of doing so. 

Can You Take Kratom Multiple Times a Day?

The short answer is yes, you absolutely can take kratom multiple times a day. However, there are some caveats and potential downsides that you need to be aware of, particularly if you’re a kratom beginner. 

Before looking at some of those risks, it’s important to understand a standard kratom dose, how long it lasts, and other information. That’s because kratom is finicky and dosage actually determines the results. Sure, a potent red strain of kratom is much more likely to produce relaxing effects and a white stain is typically energetic and fast, but the dose plays a role in these results as well. 

For example, higher doses are more likely to produce heavy, sedating, tranquil, and relaxing effects. These types of doses are often used by people looking for a way to recover or end discomfort. Conversely, smaller doses promote more energetic and focusing effects, good for work or replacing your morning cup of coffee. 

The typical kratom dose can vary greatly for this reason alone, but other factors like tolerance, body weight and type, experience with kratom, and others also play a part in determining your optimal dose. 

That being said, beginners are encouraged to start small with a single dose daily o f1 to 3 grams. More experienced users often begin to take kratom more than one time per day, which can cause some great benefits, but also comes with potential risks. 

Benefits of Taking Kratom Multiple Times Per Day

There are several benefits of taking kratom more than once per day including extended duration, enhanced effects, ability to switch strains and results, and no crash. 

Extended Duration with No Crash 

By taking kratom a second or even a third time in a day, you keep the effects going longer. The end of the initial dose becomes the beginning of the next dose. This means there is no crash and the results can last all day long. This is perfect for making it through a tough workday or enjoying a day off. 

Enhanced Effects

By adding multiple doses throughout the day, you could get initial enhanced effects. This is especially true if you want to start with a morning dose that wakes you up and keep adding to it until the effects get amplified to become a more relaxing effect at night. 

Switch Strains and Results

If you’re anything like me, then you like to have different effects for different activities, times or days, and days of the week. Dosing multiple times per day allows you to switch it up. For example, I dose in the morning, afternoon, and evening and my doses look something like this:

Risks of Taking Kratom Multiple Times Per Day 

While there are some great benefits of taking kratom 2 to 3 times per day, there are some potential risks and downsides, especially when it comes to tolerance and side effects, but also with cost.

Increases Tolerance

 With more kratom comes more tolerance, which means you will have to keep taking more to get the same results. In some situations, those initial blissful benefits you experienced with kratom may never come back if you dose too much or too often, so try to limit it to a maximum of three doses per day. Additionally, less is often more with kratom so make sure you find your sweet spot. 

More Side Effects

By taking kratom multiple times per day, you greatly increase your risk of side effects like drowsiness, brain fog, nausea, and headaches. If that happens, then you need to decrease your dose or wait longer in between doses. 

More Expensive

Obviously taking more kratom is more expensive, but if you choose a reputable vendor like ShopKetum, you not only get superior results and potent strains that limit consumption but also get affordable prices for those effects. This is much cheaper and more beneficial than choosing low-quality gas station or smoke shop kratom brands. 


To summarize, you can certainly take kratom more than once per day and doing so can ensure no crash, longer effects, and powerful results while providing you the ability to change the effects you want throughout the day. However, you need to be careful doing this because it can increase your risk of tolerance and side effects and will cost a little more. 

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