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How Can Kratom Warm You Up During the Winter?

Faisal December 23, 2022 0 comments
How Can Kratom Warm You Up During the Winter

Kratom plants may grow where it’s hot and tropical, but they can be very enjoyable when the cold winds start to blow and the temperature drops. Not only are there lots of great benefits of kratom in the Winter, but there are also lots of great ways to take it and certain strains that just brighten up a cold day. 

Benefits of Kratom in the Winter

While the benefits of kratom in the Winter are the same benefits as the rest of the year, there are certain considerations that make kratom and cold weather go together like peanut butter and jelly. Let’s look!


That’s right! Many users find that kratom makes them warm or hot! While this effect is not fully understood, it’s a common experience with other similar substances as well. For me, white strains are more likely to boost warmth than other options. If it’s the warmth you’re looking for then you may enjoy our tips for using kratom to stay warm down below! 


There’s nothing quite like relaxing in front of a fire with snow falling outside (or simply cold weather for those of us who live in hot climates!). Take a red strain to enhance relaxation and get in the mood for a quiet Winter day. It’s also great when you are Christmas shopping and want to deal with all the stress! 

Boost Mood

With Winter comes Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) for some people, which causes low energy, poor mood, excessive sleeping, hopelessness, and lack of focus. Good thing kratom can help to amplify your mood, increase energy, and get you through those sad Winter days! For this purpose, I highly recommend trying out a green strain! 

Immune Support

While, admittedly, the research is scarce, there is some user-reported evidence that kratom can support a healthy immune system. During the Winter when flu season is strong and everybody gathers indoors making colds easy to spread, that’s an amazing benefit! Even if it doesn’t prevent illness, at least you will feel a little better while you are sick.

Best Kratom Strains for Cold Weather

So, now you know how awesome kratom can be when the weather starts cooling off and the days get shorter. But what are the best cold weather strains? 

Best Winter Kratom Strain for Warm Energy

The best kratom strain for warmth and energy is Super White Kratom because it offers energy to combat the moody weather as well as a burst of euphoric warmth that might make you feel like removing your jacket! It pairs well with long cold workdays as well as social gatherings like Christmas parties or New Year’s celebrations! 

Best Winter Kratom Strain for Fire-Side Relaxation

Want a relaxing Winter evening? We’ve got you covered with exceptional Red Borneo Kratom. Not long after you take a dose of this option, you will feel the relaxing heaviness associated with the most tranquil kratom strains. Then, you can sit stress-free by the fire or with your friends without a care in the world. 

Best Winter Kratom Strain for Productive Positivity 

If you want a boost to your mood while also remaining productive, then try out Yellow Maeng Da, a rarer potent strain perfect for snow days when you still have to work (dang!). With a nice balance of relaxation and focus, it’s a great option that I highly recommend you try this Winter!

Tips for Using Kratom to Warm You Up

If you want to stay warm with kratom, then you probably don’t want to eat frozen kratom ice cream ( yes, that’s a thing!). Instead, try these warm kratom options that can bring you tidings of joy during the holiday season and beyond!

  • Kratom Hot Chocolate: There’s nothing better than hot cacao on a cold day, except kratom hot cocoa!! Just mix your kratom into a big cup of hot chocolate and warm up fast. Plus, the chocolate covers up the taste better than most other things! 
  • Kratom Tea: Sure, this is one of the more popular ways to take kratom anyway, but it’s worth mentioning because a hot cup of tea on a cold day is wonderful! Add seasonal tea flavors to it for an even better Wintery treat. 
  • Kratom Hot Toddy: So, you want a seasonal hot alcoholic drink, huh? You can add kratom for a special experience. Trust me, it is amazing as long as you know how to do it right.  Here’s a recipe for a delicious and powerful kratom hot toddy! 
  • Kratom Egg Nog: If you’re in the Christmas spirit and want a holiday beverage, egg nog is a fantastic choice, especially if you add kratom to it! Plus, it masks the taste almost completely as long as you thoroughly blend the mixture. 
  • Kratom Sponge Cake: Most of us associate the holidays with sweets, so why not try adding kratom to your cake? It may not sound great, but as long you follow this cool recipe, you can enjoy eating your kratom while you cure your sweet tooth! 

How Can Kratom Warm You Up During Winter?

There are lots of ways that kratom can warm your days during the cold Winter months. If you are looking for more kratom to make sure you always stay warm all Winter long, check out these great deals from Ketum Superior Kratom! Plus, if you sign up for their newsletter you can get up to 20% off your order! Now that’s a Winter miracle! 

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