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What is Ketum Superior Kratom?

William Clark December 14, 2022 0 comments
What is Ketum Superior Kratom

There are lots of kratom vendors out there to meet the growing demand with an estimated two million Americans using kratom! But not all vendors are created equal…in fact, far from it. Some are reliable, effective, affordable, and lab-tested while others are mediocre or worse. 

So, how do you know which vendor to choose? Well, this article may help you decide because it will give you all the information you need about one of the industry leaders that’s been in the kratom business since 2017, Ketum Superior Kratom.

Who is Ketum Superior Kratom?

Ketum Superior Kratom started in 2017 in Los Angeles, California on a mission to bridge the gap between affordability and quality. You see, many kratom vendors either sell effective, potent kratom for an absurd price of as much as $1 a gram!!! Then, on the other side of the spectrum, there are vendors with exceptionally cheap prices as low as $100 or less for a kilogram, but the quality is lacking so you will end up taking a larger dose, experiencing more side effects, and not get the results you want. 

Ketum not only wanted to bridge that gap by offering powerful kratom for an affordable price, but they also had a mission to offer only organic, ethically sourced kratom from dedicated kratom farmers in the jungles of Southeast Asia. This ensures that the customers get only the best leaves straight from the source and through the GMP-compliant warehouse in L.A. 

They also lab-test all their kratom products (and Delta THC products!) so you can have peace of mind when using their high-quality supplements. Finally, they offer a quality assurance policy, so you can return any unopened product for a full refund if you are not satisfied with the high-quality results from the leaf. 

What Strains Does Ketum Superior Kratom Offer?

A vendor is no good unless you can get the strains you want! Fortunately, Ketum Superior Kratom offers lots of great strains to choose from in red, green, white, and yellow colors. They have all the most popular strains including Green Malay, Maeng Da strains of all colors, Red Bali, and more! In addition to the more popular options, they also offer a wide variety of rarer strains like Red Bentuangie and Yellow Kali. 

Plus, they don’t only sell powder kratom and also have many other options including tablets, capsules, crushed leaf (perfect for making tea), shots and tinctures, and more! 

One of their most popular choices is their split kilo discounted option, which means you get a half-kilo of two different potent straights. They also offer other packs that target a specific benefit like Energy Kratom Powder Pack or Euphoria Kratom Powder Pack. 

Specialty Strains

In addition to standard strains, they also offer specialty options that you can only find at Ketum Superior Kratom. These are hand-blended options that are potent and designed to offer unique health benefits. 

  • Lucky 7: This specialty blend is a mixture of all the best kratom powders, which means it offers a full-spectrum outcome for the user. For euphoria and clarity with a balance of tranquility, this is a good option. 
  • Power Green: This is a potent, extremely effective specialty blend for users who love greens. It’s incredibly relaxing, but also offers rough motivation to be productive any time of the day. 
  • White Fire: White Fire is potentially their most powerful option because it offers the optimal blend of white, red, and other kratom varieties for maximum effectiveness with only a small dose. 


Ketum Superior Kratom also has kratom extracts and enhanced kratom powder products. If you are looking to amplify the results of your kratom experience, then their enhanced powders are perfect. These powders contain crystal extract that boosts the outcome by offering a concentrated alkaloid product.

You can also buy their crystal kratom extract by itself to add to powders or take plain for ultimate results! 

Do They Sell Anything Other Than Kratom?

Yes! While Ketum Superior Kratom specializes in potent, but affordable kratom, they also sell Delta THC products that are federally legal in the United States. These include flower and dab wax as well as disposable vape pens, tinctures, crispy treats, gummies, and more! 

Plus, their Delta THC products are lab-tested to ensure legality, quality, and safety for every customer. In addition, they offer a few CBD products, Akuamma, and OPMS kratom products. 

Are Ketum Superior Kratom Products Lab Tested?

Not only are Ketum Superior Kratom products tested, but they also provide the third-party lab results directly on their website so you know you are getting safe kratom without high concentrations of heavy metals, e. Coli, salmonella, or other harmful compounds. 

In addition to preventing dangerous compounds, this also ensures you get pure 100% organic kratom leaves every single time, without additives, fillers, or anything else. Their 4 step testing is in-depth and starts with Organoleptic testing, which uses appearance, scent, and color to ensure acceptable products. Then, the kratom is tested for heavy metals and biological microorganisms. Finally, they test physical properties including the size of particles and product density so that every product that passes is of the highest possible quality and meets the exceptional standards that Ketum has set for themselves for over 5 years! 

What Payment Options Do They Accept?

Unlike some of its competitors, Ketum Superior Kratom can accept credit or debit card purchases directly on its website. They also offer Green Bean Pau, eChecks, Zelle, Bitcoin, Cash App, and more! Learn more here. 

Finally, they offer free shipping for qualifying orders to ensure you never overpay for kratom goodness!

What is Ketum Superior Kratom?

As you can see, Ketum Superior Kratom is an amazing company dedicated to providing consistently safe, effective, fresh, organic kratom for every customer. If you don’t believe me, just check out their amazing reviews for yourself! Plus, they offer lots of great deals and discounts if you sign up for their newsletter. Try Ketum Superior Kratom today! 

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