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How to dose Kratom extracts

William Clark April 9, 2024 0 comments
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Kratom is a powerful plant for millions of people, offering relief, relaxation, energy, and focus. However, whether you want a stronger dose than regular leaf can provide, hate taking so much powder, or just want to try something different, kratom extracts be a valuable resource. 

Keep reading to learn how to dose extracts properly so you get the desired effects without taking too much, but first, let’s look at what kratom extracts are and the different types that you can choose from. 

What are Kratom Extracts?

A Kratom extract is simply an extraction of the alkaloid or alkaloids from the kratom plant. Kratom leaves contain dozens of alkaloids that are responsible for pleasant effects like concentration, mood lift, and tranquility. By extracting those alkaloids, you can get similar effects from a smaller amount of ingested material. 

Some people do this because they don’t like taking so much powder. After all, it messes with their stomach health. Others like the potency of kratom extracts or the slightly different effects of an extract vs powdered leaf. 

However, kratom extracts tend to spike your tolerance, which means more and more is needed for the same effects. Because of this, we recommend using them sparingly or alternating with powdered leaf. Another option is to add them to your kratom powder, like Ketum’s Super Green 50X Kratom Powder.

Let’s look at some of the kratom extract types that you can choose from. 

Types of Kratom Extracts

From tinctures to gummies, shots to crystals, you have a lot of options. Before we look at some of those types, it’s important to clarify a single alkaloid extract vs full-spectrum. 

Single Alkaloid vs Full-Spectrum Extracts 

Some extracts only contain a single alkaloid like 7-OH or mitrgynine. This will produce a different effect than powder because it won’t have all the other alkaloids. However, there are also full-spectrum extracts that are made by extracting all or most of the alkaloids, which will promote a similar effect as the normal powder. 

Crystal Extracts

Crystal extracts and powdered crystal extracts are the most similar to kratom powder. They can be taken just ilke kratom powder with toss and wash, tea, or capsules, but have much more potent results. One customer said our Crystal Extract is “the best Crystal Extract I have ever tried, this stuff is blowing my mind body and soul.” 

Tablets and Capsules

Kratom extracts can also be taken as tablets and capsules, which is extremely convenient for those who want to take their kratom on the go, at work, or in the car. Whether you want Ketum 80% MIT Extract Tabs or O.P.M.S. Special Reserve Capsules,  these can be an easy and effective choice for anyone looking to try extracts for the first time. 

Tinctures and Shots

Kratom Tinctures and shots are liquid extracts, which makes them easy to take or add to any beverage. Plus, they can be extremely potent with as little as a milliliter providing powerful relaxation and stress reduction. These types of extracts also tend to be faster-acting, making them perfect for those who need a rapid boost of energy during the day. 


Kratom extract gummies are an awesome way to take kratom. They taste great but provide the same relief, energy, and mood lift that you’d expect from a large dose of kratom power. At 50mg per gummy, Ketum Superior Extract Gummies are some of the most powerful on the market today. 

How to Dose With Kratom Extracts

Since extracts are more potent than powder, it can be easier to overdo it and get side effects like nausea, dizziness, or headaches. That’s why it’s important to follow best dosing practices. 

First, start slow and small. If you are new to extracts, then try a small dose first to see how it feels. Who knows, it might be all you need to get the desired effects! Then, if it isn’t potent enough, you can gradually move up until you hit your sweet spot. 

Second, make sure you calculate the dose properly. Kratom extracts are often listed as a ratio or multiplication. For example, 5:1 or 5X. This would mean that 1 gram of the extract would be equivalent to 5 grams of the powder. 

When it comes to tinctures, liquids, and gummies, they will probably be listed as a milligram. Typically, unless it’s a 7-OH extract, this will refer to the amount of Mitrgynine. So, our 50mg gummies contain 50mg while powdered leaf is only around 1-1.5%. That means a 50mg gummy offers the mitragynine content of 4-5 grams of high-quality kratom powder. 

One great way to get started with kratom extracts is by adding them to a powder dose or choosing an enhanced kratom product like our Ultra Red Horn 50X Enhanced Kratom Powder. This will give you an idea of the potency while still giving you the relief you know and love from normal kratom powder. 

Get High-Quality Kratom Extracts 

Ketum offers the highest quality kratom extracts, always lab-tested kratom, and top-tier customer service. Whether you want a crystal extract to add to powder, high mitragynine tablets, fast-acting tinctures, or potent gummies, we have you covered. 

Click here to browse our extracts today! 

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