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How to Take Kratom On the Go?

Billy Carlyle November 30, 2023 0 comments
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Taking kratom at home is comfortable, easy, and convenient because you don’t have to worry too much about spilling it all over your white t-shirt or taking forever to finish, but what if you want to take kratom away from home?

That’s entirely different and there are a variety of obstacles that you might encounter when trying to do so. However, we’re here to help with a complete guide on how to take kratom on the go so you can get its awesome benefits no matter where you are! 

Keep reading to learn why you might want to take kratom on the go, some of the complications of taking kratom, and some solutions that help you take kratom anywhere, anytime. 

Why You Might Want to Take Kratom on the Go?

There are lots of reasons to take kratom with you when you’re on the go. Maybe you’re going to be at work and need your energetic Super White Kratom as an afternoon pick-me-up to ensure you maintain productivity all day long. Or maybe you will be on a long car trip or on vacation at the beach and want Yellow Kalli Kratom to enhance your mood and provide ultimate relaxation. 

Either way, it ensures you can have the benefits anytime you want, without disrupting your normal routine. Unfortunately, there are often some frustrating challenges when taking kratom on the go, in a car, at the office, or anywhere that’s not the comfort of your own home 

Complications of Taking Kratom on the Go

Taking kratom on the go can be difficult for several reasons including the difficulty of actually taking it, how to measure doses, how to store it properly, and the complications of other people being around.


Taking a 2-way Split Kilo of Kratom Powder just for a single dose is far from convenient. It’s not easy to carry, makes taking it more difficult, and can cause a huge mess if you have to take it quickly or in your car. 

Other people

Not everyone likes other people seeing them take kratom, so this can be a little tricky as well, especially if you are taking it at work and don’t want your boss or co-workers to see you take kratom. 

Route of Administration

While tossing and washing is convenient enough at home, it can be messy and difficult to do in other places. Similarly, making tea is often complex for taking kratom on the go as well, but there are other options that you can consider. 


Measuring proper doses can be time-consuming and difficult if you are taking kratom away from home. This is especially true if you want to use a scale for precise dosing. Because of this, it might be smart to pre-measure doses. 

How to Take Kratom On the Go

Here are some things you can keep in mind to simplify taking kratom on the go including using capsules, blending with a shake, using tinctures or extracts, getting Ketum Kratom Gummies, pre-measuring doses, and preparing for messes. 

Use Capsules

Using Kratom Capsules or Kratom Tablets is possibly the easiest way to dose your kratom on the go. You simply bring them in your pocket, laptop bag, or car and it takes seconds to swallow them with a gulp of water or your favorite beverage. Plus, we have many different strains available so you can find the perfect capsules for energy, relaxation, or any other kratom benefits. 

Blend with a Shake

If you’re using kratom for bodybuilding and want to take it as a pre or post-workout supplement at the gym, then you can simply blend it with your protein shake. This can also be a viable method for taking it slowly throughout the day at work, in the care, or anywhere else. Simply thoroughly mix kratom powder into your shake and go!

Take Tinctures or Extracts

 You can get powerful liquid Flavor Infused Kratom Tinctures that make it super easy to get powerful results in minutes, without attracting attention or making a mess. The same goes for kratom shots, liquid extracts, or even crystal kratom extracts because they have more potent results with a smaller, more convenient dose. 

Get Ketum 50mg Kratom Gummies

Our powerful 50mg Kratom Gummies are a convenient and tasty way to take your kratom on the go. They are easy to dose, act rapidly, and are excellent for boosting motivation at work, energy at the gym, relaxation at the beach, or anything else. 

Pre-Measure Doses 

Regardless of whether you still want to stick with powder or will be using another form of kratom, it’s important that you know how to easily dose on the go. This could mean measuring out how many grams of powder you want to dose, only taking the right number of capsules with you, or keeping measurements for the amount of a liquid kratom tincture you want to use. 

Prepare for Messes

If you are sticking with powder, then make sure you prepare for messes. Try to avoid wearing white when you know you will be taking kratom, bring some baby wipes with you, and even consider wearing a bib. You also need to prepare something to drink to take powder or capsules, so bring water, orange juice, or other beverages on the go with you!


Now you can take kratom on the go without worrying too much about making a mess, other people, time-consuming methods, and other obstacles. 

Whether you decide to pre-measure powder, make a shake, take capsules, get kratom gummies, or use liquid tinctures, Ketum has products for all your kratom on-the-go needs! 

Click here to browse our wide selection of kratom products today! 

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