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Needing to Stop Kratom? Here is How you Do it To Avoid Bad Withdrawals

Billy Carlyle January 7, 2021 0 comments
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It is safe to say that kratom is not for everyone. There are plenty of people that cannot handle kratom, whether they be allergic to it or they have an addictive personality (because a person with an addictive personality can become addicted to anything). You can abuse ANYTHING! Everything in moderation is key — but if you need to stop kratom for whatever reason, it is important you take the right steps to avoid nasty withdrawals.

Do you get withdrawals after stopping kratom?

Many report NO withdrawals while some do. The common factor though is the ones who do suffer from withdrawals tend to have taken a dose of 2 teaspoons or more daily of kratom for months if not years. So those who don’t take much kratom, but rather off and on, will most likely not suffer from withdrawals. Everything in moderation, right? Well, some don’t realize that.

How bad are the withdrawals?

Well, one thing is for sure, it won’t be as bad as the withdrawals one deal with when stopping sugar! Oh boy! When I stopped sugar for a month, I almost died (ok, a little exaggerated, but it was intense).

The DEA reports that the following symptoms may be observed:

  • Runny nose
  • Muscle aches
  • Joint or bone pain
  • Jerky movements of arms and legs
  • Hostility
  • Aggression
  • Mood swings

Detoxing and Weaning off Kratom

Detox is defined as the removal of toxins from the body. Dosages can be lowered slowly over a period of time in order to minimize withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This is called tapering, or weaning off. The goal is to slowly work on rebalancing brain chemistry over time instead of shocking it by suddenly removing the supplement.

One thing that has been known to help immensely when taping off or kratom is Mitragyna Hirsuta. It is also a kratom alternative! This tree is in the same genus and family as kratom (Mitragyna speciosa, in the coffee or Rubiaceae family) and the leaf is even known on the street as “kra thum khok.” The leaves are green with light-greenish white veins, and while they are somewhat smaller than kratom leaves, they have a similar structural appearance.

Mitragyna Hirsuta vs Kratom

What is Mitragyna hirsuta’s potency like when compared to kratom? Users of this Southeast Asian herb describe it as being like an “infra-red” strain of kratom with some of the same, if not lessened effects, experienced with red kratom.

Similar to kratom, Mitragyna hirsuta is traditionally used for its calm, energizing effects and to relieve the discomfort of minor aches and pains. Larger doses may also bring on a feeling of sedation. However, this kratom alternative is said to be generally milder and have fewer side effects than Mitragyna speciosa — hence why this is considered when people want to stop kratom. This is said to be very similar to Stem and Vein, but better!

So tapering slowly while take Hirsuta is the best way to go if you feel you need to stop kratom. You can find some Hirsuta at Kratom Crazy.

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Billy Carlyle

Billy Carlyle is an alumnus of UNCW, obtaining an MFA in creative writing. In his nook and cranny of the writing community, he explores the intricacies of plant pharmacology and its botanical research, writing predominantly for the cannabis, medical marijuana, CBD, and kratom industries.

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