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Red Horn 50x Enhanced Kratom Capsules


At a low dose even, the Red Horn 50x Enhanced kratom capsules will invigorate…


At a low dose even, the Red Horn 50x Enhanced kratom capsules will invigorate and energize users like never before! Ketum Superior Blends ensures a pleasant calmness to all users who try the Red Horn kratom capsules, which will cause sedation when taken in higher doses, but will provide soothing analgesic effect when consumed in smaller amounts.

The Red Horn 50x is an extract that may bring out different results in individuals. You will have to buy your feed to see what it has in store for you! The regular kratom strains available at other shops are impactful, but if you enhance the results by 50 times, it sure will provide the euphoric feeling that you never felt before.

You can purchase these capsules in packs of 30, 60, or 100 capsules and benefit from the unpredictable impact and immense calmness that cannot be bought from any other place! We guarantee fresh and well-processed kratom strains with a boost of alkaloids to help you come over stress and live a more fulfilling lifestyle.


100ct, 30ct, 60ct

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