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What is the Right Kratom Dose?

Shuanna Kaufman January 7, 2021 0 comments
AKA Kratom

Kratom is a mysterious medicinal herb obtained and extracted from a tropical tree, widely grown in South Asia. This magical herb is consumed far and wide owing to its numerous uses and potent effects. Apart from being used as a kratom dose is a sedative and muscle relaxant, the plant is also known for energy-boosting, stimulating effects.

Despite not having enough medical claims to its name, the plant is being used as an alternative medicine for treating chronic disorders and other related diseases. Most users also consume it to battle mental illnesses like nervousness and discomfort.

Depending upon the dosage, the Speciosa powder can both act as a stimulant and a sedative. Due to the rich concentration of alkaloids in the herb, even smaller dosages can provide energy-boosting effects while higher quantities produce a tranquilizing and euphoric effect in the body.

Hence, if you want to know the secret behind the dosage effects, you’ll first have to understand the chemical components present in Ketum.

Chemical Composition 

Mitragyna plants grow in the nutrient-rich soils of Southeast Asian countries, including; Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. Consequently, chemicals like mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, along with more than 25 other alkaloids, are found in abundance in this potent herb. These two alkaloids have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, making them effective in treating and reducing nervousness.

The speciosa leaves are dried and crushed to produce a fine powder while still retaining essential alkaloids present in the plant such as; Speciofoline, Ajmalicine, Mitraphylline, Mitragynaline, Speciogynine, Paynantheine, Rhynchophylline, Tetrahydroalstonine, and many others.

According to a medical study, the mysterious powder has similar amounts of alkaloids in it as in opium and different hallucinogenic mushrooms. This is why it is highly advised to consume the powder in minute quantities without any long-lasting and hazardous effects.

Kratom Dose The Right Quantities 

Owing to its precarious nature, the herbal powder has not been approved by the FDA authorities. As a consequence of which, this medicinal herb does not come with prescribed dosages. Thus, you should be highly cautious while determining the right amount of dose that better suits your body.  

The recommended quantities typically depend upon the gender, age, and health of the consumer. However, the mode of consumption and the type of strain also influence the herbal powder’s impact.

The powder’s effects start showing a few minutes after ingestion and can last up to 1 – 2 hours depending upon the stain type. For beginners, the impact can linger for over two hours.

The medicinal herb can produce powerful physical effects on the body. A slight change in your usual dosage can take a hard toll on your body. So, to make it easier for beginner and moderate-level users, enthusiasts have defined the powder’s correct dosages where it hits the best.

Minute Dosages – Start Small

If you are new to Korth, it is suggested that you should start with minor quantities to make your body get used to its effects. Because smaller quantities of speciosa induce a stimulative and euphoric sensation in the consumer, once your digestive system becomes accustomed to smaller dosages, you can move on to the bigger ones.

A minute dose of 1 – 2 grams will be enough to develop a feeling of alertness and agility for beginners. However, the case of adults who have had prior experience with similar drugs should start with 2 – 4 grams of the herb to have an energizing effect.

Higher Dosages for Mature Users

Consuming the Ketum powder in higher portions lowers blood pressure causing sedation. Thereby, if you are trying to feel the tranquilizing effects of this magical powder, you will have to get your game up.

A high dose of about 7 – 9 grams is enough to generate anesthetic effects. However, if you are willing to enjoy the state of euphoria, you can increase the amount up to 12 grams. This sedative effect can last from 4 to 6 hours; it can even linger up to 8 hours at times.

Before getting on with the consumption, bear in mind that higher concentrations can only produce a relaxing impact on veteran-level users. Beginner users are advised against consuming more significant doses to not develop any health-related severe risks.

Besides, you should refrain from devouring the herbal powder multiple times during the day. Experts advise consuming twice a day as a beginner and thrice, in case you’ve grown accustomed to the effects of the enigmatic herb.

Ways of Dosing Kratom 

Despite being available in several different forms, staunch users and natives still prefer chewing on medicinal leaves. However, you can consume the powder in a variety of other ways. The best way to utilize the powder depends on the choice of the consumer.

If you like the taste of the powder, you can just toss it back in your throat and wash it down with water.  Nevertheless, if the powder’s taste doesn’t suit your palate, you can add it to other flavored foods and drinks to minimize the unappetizing flavor.

You can also mix the powder with juices and drinks to inhibit its raw taste. Most people also prefer taking teas and smoothies, changing their flavor altogether. Some vendors also offer Mitragyna tablets, tinctures, and kratom capsules.

Kratom Capsules – Making Things Easier

Apart from raw leaves and powdered form, Mitragyna speciosa comes in various shapes and packaging such as capsules, tablets, gums, and tinctures. The most popular and easy-to-use form of Ketum is, of course, capsules. Capsules are a perfect choice for beginners because;

The capsules are coated with a gelatin layer or a botanical coating, which inhibits the powder’s unpalatable flavor, making it the perfect choice for people who dislike its taste.

They are easier to swallow compared to the raw leaves or the powdered form.

They come with prescribed quantities, eliminating the hassle of determining the correct dosage for you.

The capsules can be carried anywhere, compared to powdered form that is usually held in jars.

Kratom capsules are undoubtedly more convenient to use compared to any other form. However, pills also have many drawbacks. Apart from being highly expensive and rarely available, they also come in a limited number of strains. Moreover, capsules also contain minute levels of impurities, so most users go with powdered Mitragyna.

Proper Kratom Dosage for Different Strains

Speciosa strains might not seem much different from each other depending upon the outlook. Yet each strain has its own set of characteristics and advantages. Some strains are more potent, which induces sedation feelings, while other less cogent strains are known for providing an energy-boosting effect. Some of the most popular strains, along with their proper dosage, are described below.

Maeng Da Kratom One of the most widely used Ketum strains, Maeng Da, is Thailand’s specialty. This strain has a higher potency, so it is advised to use it in lower quantities from 2 – 6 grams. Maeng Da acts like a muscle relaxant.

Red Vein Bali KratomThis highly potent strain is widely produced in Vietnam and Indonesia. Red Vein Bali is known for causing an enhanced euphoric effect, so it is consumed in low, moderate quantities. A dose of 2 – 3 grams for beginners and 5 – 7 grams for experienced users is recommended.

Borneo KratomAn exceptional strain grown in Borneo Island, is famous for its mixed properties. Due to its mild potency, the Borneo strain acts as a stress buster and provides mood-boosting effects. It can be consumed in moderately higher doses up to 12 grams.

Why the Number of Dosage Matters?

Consuming the herb carelessly without keeping in view the correct dosage can be hazardous. On account of unprescribed doses, many users take it upon themselves to determine the right dosage, leading to severe mishaps.

Minute variation from the customarily used quantity can cause health problems such as constipation and other digestion problems. Taking smaller doses might not be as risky unless you are starting for the first time. Nevertheless, using speciosa for the first time can develop loss of appetite, vomiting, insomnia, and sudden weight loss.

Higher and frequent intakes of the potent powder or strain can cause severe health issues such as; hallucinations, brain swelling, seizures, troubled breathing, and liver damage.


While starting with Kratom, you must start small, working your way up from there. The more kratom you take, the more sedating it gets. The less you take, the more energetic it feels. Everybody is built differently and has a different threshold in response to such sedative herbs. So always start small at around 1/2 gram to get the feel of how kratom reacts with you. You would know if it makes you feel relaxed and calm. If, however, you start to feel nauseous, vomit, get a headache, or get wobbles, you should lower the powdered dose or change the strain.

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