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Strongest Kratom Capsules – A Complete Guide

Faisal March 23, 2023 0 comments
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Are you searching for the strongest kratom capsules and being confused about which one is the best? Many online and local vendors claim to sell the most potent kratom capsules but do not know what potency means about this medicinal plant. In such a scenario, one might have trouble deciding which strain is the strongest.

This topic will cover all the aspects regarding the potency of this magical flora. Keep reading this guide; who wants to know which strain of this leafy plant is the best and most powerful for them? 

What Are Kratom Capsules?

Pills are dietary supplements encapsulating powdered leaves in gelatin or vegetable-based pills. They offer an easy-to-consume and fixed dose of the natural herb without dealing with the powder’s bitter taste. Husks are available in many strengths and strains, each with unique effects.

Pills are a common way to ingest the powder. Those who can not bear the dazzling green leaf’s earthy, bitter taste and aroma can have these pills. 

Kratom shells are used as solid oral dosages to deliver nutrients, medicines, and supplements to the body. Pills are primarily of zero sizes and contain 0.2 or 0.5 grams of powder of these herbal leaves. 

Solid oral forms can avoid stinging smells and overcome unpleasant experiences. 

Why Should I Take Kratom Powder In Capsule Form?

One can take kratom capsules for the following reasons:

  • For eliminating the bland taste of kratom powder.
  • To easily ingest without creating any mess.
  • The dose inside pills is particular and precise.
  • You can take shells on the go as a convenient mode of taking kratom leaves.

Two Main Types Of Kratom Capsules

There are two types of kratom pills depending upon the origin of their material:

Vegan Or Vegetarian Kratom Capsules

Cellulose from the plant is the building material of husks. The most important ingredient of these kratom pills is hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC). 

Gelatin Or Non Vegetarian Kratom Capsules

No vegetarian or Gelatin pods come in two forms; hard and softgel. The gelatin is sourced from animal origin and helps to shape capsules.

Factors That Decide Which Strains Are The  Strongest

If we talk about potency, there are many things to remember. Many companies selling mitragyna speciosa shells claim their product is the strongest, but some factors decide which is the most powerful.

The Freshness 

Whenever you buy a dietary supplement, the first thing that comes to your mind is its freshness. Freshness is an important factor in determining strength. Kratom has a specific shelf life, and its freshness can affect its potency.

You can learn about the freshness by the date of harvest of leaves, the drying process, and the storage conditions. to get new pills, make sure to ask vendors about the batch number and manufacturing date of their products. 

Lab Test Reports

Lab testing is good for ensuring the strength and safety of pods. The ingredients inside these pills can be contaminated with adulterants. It involves analyzing the alkaloid content, contamination, and other impurities that can harm human health. So, lab testing offers an accurate analysis of purity and potency.

Presence Of Alkaloid Content 

The alkaloid content present in this Southeast Asian herb also affects its strength. Its two main ingredients, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, are the reasons behind its alkaloid profile. Mitragynine is present the most while the other one is less in amount.

Strength Depending Upon The Desired Effects

Different users consume pills for various purposes; some want relief from distress, some take it to get energy and focus, and others ingest it to feel relaxed and calm. Depending on your purpose, the potency varies.  

Health Condition Of Users

Kratom capsules affect individuals according to their health condition. It may suit you but not show its benefits in others; this also decides the potency. 

General Information

The plant and leaf’s age, harvest time, environmental conditions, the source, and the amount of original product packed inside the pills also affect the efficacy.

The effectiveness can also change because of the following types of its pills:

Powder Filled Pills

A simple powder of any kratom strain is present in the capsule. The powder inside shells is pre-measured and is a good way to consume a balanced dose daily. 

Capsules Made Of Special Blends 

People who are bored of using the same strain repeatedly prefer to use this kind of blend. The process starts with forming unique blends and mixing different types of leaves, resulting in a new combination. It increases the strength from 15 to 20%.

Extract Based

The process of making extract-based pills starts with the grinding of mitragyna leaves. Then mix its powdered form of leaves with the solvents and keep them at rest for some time at a specific temperature. After that, this mixture is separated from solvents and goes for freeze drying. Finally, this pure and dried herbal extract gets packed. 

Other Factors That Help To Evaluate The Strength 

Along with the mentioned aspects, strain type and origin also affect its potency. Let’s see what other things decide which one is the strongest.

Vein Colour

Strain color is another crucial factor determining which one is powerful and for which purpose you use it. This leaf is of four types depending upon the vein color:

  • The Red vein is ideal for new users. When the leaves mature, the farmers harvest them and later extract them. Red vein pods may give consumers a calming, refreshing and tranquilizing effect. If you are tired and want to unwind at the end of the day, you can take it.
  • The White vein is harvested just in the beginning as it matures, and people use white vein shells for amazing energy-boosting effects. Users can take such pills before starting a day to feel more focused or at any time. The potency of this type is due to the high alkaloid content in this tropical plant.
  • The green vein strain of this tropical plant has a dual property of white and red-veined leaves. You can take green vein pods for multiple advantages. But being an all-rounder, green husks may not be considered the strongest.
  • The yellow vein is unfamiliar, but people use yellow vein pills to enhance mood and soothe aches and discomfort. This type comes out with the mixing of white and green vein strains.

Strains Based On Origin

After looking for the strain colors, it’s time to check the origin of these different types. Because of altered climatic conditions and agricultural practices, the properties of this magical herb also change. Let us have a brief look:


Thai-based mitragyna products are famous for their energy-enhancing properties. The reason behind its potency is its favorable climate.

Maeng Da 

Maeng Da is very potent and comes in various colors. It may be more substantial than any other kind. So, you may call Maeng Da the strongest one.


Sumatra is another potent strain from the islands of Sumatra in Indonesia. Whatever color you choose, this strain of this traditionally used plant may be highly effective for you.


This form is high in alkaloid profile and can be potent for you. If you are taking white and green-veined leaves, this Borneo-grown plant leaf can also be your choice as a potent dose.


Last but not least, this Malay strain has many benefits. It is as powerful as others but can unwind you during a hectic day. Malay strain is also known for its long-lasting effects.

What Are Some Of The Strongest Types Available In The Market?

After discussing all the aspects that affect the efficacy of shells, you must know which magical herbal supplements you should buy. We have enlisted a few names in front of you so that you can pick the most potent one: Maeng Da, Bali, Sumatra, Indo, Thai, Borneo and Malay. 

How To Take Kratom Capsules?

You can take pills in many ways. You can take it if you are sipping a glass of water, your favorite beverage, or a protein shake. One can also eat these pills with food.

As these capsules can slow down your body’s digestive process, avoid taking such pills just after having your meal and try to have them with little water. All this eliminates the chances of slowing down your body’s natural metabolism. 

Tips For Choosing The Strongest Capsules

As you have seen, we can not specify which strain is the most powerful. You can keep a check on the following things:

  • Look for the lab testing of pods that a third party does
  • Ask a healthcare provider which strain would be beneficial for you
  • Check for the labeling of ingredients
  • See if the capsule is vegan or non-vegan so that it suits you and gets you all the advantages
  • .Read the reviews of people. 

Whatever the vendors say about the effectiveness of their product, you can not go for it. So it is better to do some research beforehand.

Final Words

After discussing all the aspects of the strongest kratom capsule, it is time to put our words together. There are no specific strongest capsules, but one can choose to take any strain of kratom-filled capsules according to their desired effects. 

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