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Traveling with Kratom – The DOs & DONTs

Billy Carlyle January 7, 2021 0 comments
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Just as you begin packing for a flight, remember to go through the “do’s and don’ts,” especially when you have your jar of kratom with you! None of us wants any disruption, and let’s face it, nobody’s ideal travel plans include a bag full of kratom powder packs bursting on top of your clothes! So what should it be? Should you carry the kratom jar in your hand-carry bag, or should it go in the luggage? Moreover, what will the airport personnel ask? Am I at risk if I carry kratom on a plane? Let’s find out more about the adventure that’s about to begin.

People all over the United States enjoy kratom, but some countries have restrictions and do not allow the possession, purchase, or sale of this botanical. According to research, almost 5 million people use kratom daily in the United States. However, the challenges a traveler may face in case of restrictions depend significantly on the country you visit. Many Speciosa Mitragyna lovers get nervous on the flight, and they must carry their kratom feed, but the question they ask is, am I allowed to take kratom on the plane? Will my kratom get past the Transportation Security Administration? The TSA may have loosened up on its rules, but why should one take a chance?

First off, let’s see what this botanical substance does for you? Kratom is a tropical tree from Southeast Asia with leaves that contain the stimulant Mitragynine and narcotic 7-hydroxy Mitragynine. These two stimulant compounds can provide relief towards discomfort, interact with opioid receptors in the brain, nervousness management, and sometimes alertness of the mind. 

Is it allowed to travel with kratom on a plane? 

If you are traveling within the United States, there is no federal ban on botanical substances. The lawmakers in some states disagree, which is why local governments forbid the use of kratom in those states. You can see a detailed list of the places that do not allow people to enter with Mitragyna products in their bags! 

Can you take kratom on an airplane?

It is natural for you to doubt carrying a Mitragyna product on the plane. However, as we affirmed, you can take it to most parts of the United States. The states and counties that ban kratom use in 2021 are:




Rhode Island 


San Diego in California

Sarasota County, Florida

Now that you have an idea about the places where kratom will not be permitted, here’s another tip for you! Even if you are traveling to a city where Mitragyna is legal, try to keep the powder, capsules, or any other product in its original packaging. This packaging has all the details of the ingredients, and if an unaware airline staff member checks the baggage, they can refer to the packing to ensure you are within your rights to possess the kratom product.  

A guide for kratom users when they get on a flight

After catching domestic flights and international flights with kratom capsules in the luggage, here are a few tips we can safely pass on! The first step to ensure a no-trouble experience is to check the TSA website for what you can carry and what the authorities don’t allow on the airplane. As you log on to the website, you can follow the chart that shows prohibited items like flammable goods, food items, sensitive material, and other items that pose a danger to you and other travellers. 

One would believe that carrying a bag of kratom powder, tincture, or capsules would be a problem with the airline. However, that is not so! The problem is not keeping the botanical substance with you on the flight but the destination. After you have cleared your destination from the list above, you get to packing and ask, “Where should I put the kratom pack? Should kratom go in my hand-carry? Should I pack kratom in the luggage?” 

The answer to this depends on your packaging. If you can pack your kratom powder with care so that it does not burst, the luggage seems to be a good place for it. A hand-carry bag is also a safe option, but that would invite people to ask more about it. However, if you need to consume kratom while you are waiting to land, hand-carry is, of course, the right way to go. Checked-in luggage will always be the better choice as it will save you from any suspicion from the airport staff, who may be concerned that you are carrying contraband items. 

The storage of kratom in the luggage can be tricky! If you have ever carried your shampoo and opened the bag to see it smeared all over your clothes, you will know the nervousness! However, kratom comes in vacuum-sealed packaging with a zip-lock. While this packaging is fine for a kitchen top, packing luggage would require a more sturdy ‘lock.’ Try to use an airtight bag or tape around the top of the pack.

Before you apply tape to seal the container, draw out all the air in the bag to avoid air pressure build-up at high altitudes. As you draw out the air from the bag, seal the zip-lock. Put this original pack in another transparent plastic bag and wrap it well. Tape the bag from all edges to avoid any leaks or bursts. Please do not get rid of the original packing; we will explain why you need it in place. 

Dos and don’ts of travelling with kratom

It’s hard to leave kratom at home when you want to use it for calming or discomfort-related purposes. Keep the following points in mind, and you are good to go! 


1- It’s imperative to research your destination. Are you flying nationally or to a different country? You must be aware of the laws and regulations before you arrive somewhere new and carrying kratom with you. Is kratom legal where you are going? This question is most crucial. As we have given a list above, you can see where kratom is allowed and where you might get into trouble. 

2- Place the bag of kratom on top of your carry-on. This way, you can avoid questions. Kratom is legal, and that is why you are carrying it with you and have nothing to hide. You can then quickly take it out without the whole bag inspection.

3- You should always be prepared for questions and carry a copy of BEA’s book on kratom. You must know some basic questions like what is kratom? Why do you use it? Is it legal? Prepare yourself to answer such questions confidently and as simple and straightforward as possible.

4- Kratom is just like any other medical supplement. You need to make sure you keep it in its original packing, and all the ingredients are visible and easily readable so that security personnel can read them while checking. A point to remember is that proper and original storage can help avoid scepticism.


1- Traveling smart is to travel safely. If you are not confident about the laws and regulations around kratom, it’s best to leave your pack behind. Carrying kratom can also lead to heavy fines and may be severe punishments.

2- You have nothing to hide and if you try to hide kratom, it will only create misunderstandings and confusion. Carry your pack of kratom just like you would any other thing and just move along.

3- You should never lie about kratom. It would be best to guide whoever asks questions about kratom use and benefits. Kratom is legal, which is why you are carrying it, so do not feel any pressure to lie about it and always be honest with security personnel.

4- Some states in the UK didn’t allow kratom and labelled it as Banned. Beware of travelling while carrying kratom with you.

A few reminders to keep you ready

When you travel by air, a few tips will ensure a smooth flight for you. Take a look at the reminders below:

Confidence is key

Remember how every story in school emphasized speaking the truth? Well, those lessons are essential today too! When you are carrying kratom products and airport personnel asks what it is, remember to stay calm and confident. If you give a panicked look or act strange, the staff members will tighten scrutiny. However, if you stick with the truth and tell them why you need the botanical and what it does for you, you are safe!

Check-in luggage is the place

As we mentioned before, it is best to keep your kratom supply in the check-in luggage so that you are free from carrying it in your hand-carry, which raises several eyebrows. Everyone does not know what kratom looks like, which means many on-duty officials can ask you what you are carrying in your bag. In case of doubts, they will test it and ask you to take a drug test! Avoid all the misunderstandings, and pack your kratom away!

Travel with a copy of BEA’s book on kratom! 

That’s always a plus if anyone inquires about the botanical substance you have in your luggage. When airport personnel see me take some kratom, most people think it’s a natural all-green supplement powder (and they wouldn’t be wrong!). It’s a great conversation starter and helps promote the knowledge and truth about kratom. You don’t have to GIVE them a copy, but if you are both waiting for the plane to take off, handing them to book to read during the ride wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Kratom and International Travel

We have gathered a list of countries for you where kratom isn’t legal: Germany, the UK, Vietnam, Australia, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Russia, Thailand, and Japan. These are some of the countries that do not allow the consumption or production of kratom in any form. 


After traveling locally and internationally with kratom in the bag, we decided to share our experience with all Mitragyna users who ask if it is safe to carry kratom while travelling by aeroplane. Yes, it is allowed to travel with kratom in some parts of the world, but to avoid the hassle, we shared a few tips to ensure that an unaware airport official does not get suspicious. While kratom is legal within the United States, many people do not know what this botanical substance looks like or what it can do for you. Avoid all such situations by following the tips above. Before you pack that kratom bag, make sure you know the laws of the state, county, or city you are planning to visit. Ensure travelling with the kratom product in the original packaging and storing it safely in the checked luggage. Travel safe and travel easy! 

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