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What is the SISTA ACT and What Does Kratom Have to Do With It

Shuanna Kaufman January 7, 2021 0 comments

The Official “CALL TO ACTION” for SISTA Act, we received was from Kratom United and American Kratom Association. It stated this, Between the SITSA Act and the FDA/DEA, we need your help now! Kratom Trade Association has a call to action. We need each and every Kratom consumer, vendor, family, friends to follow this link that will send an email to the members of the Rules Committees requesting they support the Pocan amendment. Please also call each of your State’s US Senator and US Representative now! (Tuesday) Staffers are in the office till 6 most days to take your calls for SISTA Act.


Hon. Pete SessionsChairman, Texas
Hon. Tom Cole Vice-Chairman, Oklahoma
Hon. James P. McGovernRanking Minority Member, Massachusetts
Hon. Rob WoodallGeorgia
Hon. Alcee L. HastingsFlorida
Hon. Michael C. BurgessTexas
Hon. Jared PolisColorado
Hon. Doug Collins Georgia
Hon. Norma Torres California
Hon. Bradley Byrne Alabama
Hon. Dan Newhouse Washington
Hon. Ken Buck Colorado
Hon. Liz Cheney Wyoming

Everyone who advocates for kratom should contact their own Congressperson and ask them to support the Pocan Amendment to the HR 2851 (SITSA) or tell them to vote NO on SITSA Act without the Pocan Amendment.

“Your help is urgently needed. Contact them immediately, Protect kratom now!

First, it is important that you read the SISTA Act yourself, in it’s entirety, so that you fully understand what they are doing and what we must do in response. This is the additional amendment, which was added to the SISTA Act. According to AKA and experts, FDA has lobbied the Speaker of the House, trying to force the SITSA Bill to the House Floor for a vote without the Pocan amendment that would protect kratom, in a back-door scheduling maneuver. As you read if you clicked on the link above, that amendment is important and must be supported with the listed Representatives above.

Now, There are two opinions on this matter. This one above and this one

“The FDA, which kinda sets medical facts, believes Kratom is a threat to public safety. That would mean that the Pocan amendment would give the DEA even more power, and more of a reason, to use the Emergency Scheduling Process to ban Kratom.” – anonymous opinion shared

The Controlled Substance Act is what is concerning to many. “The summary of the Pocan amendment seems like it would make it even easier to ban Kratom using the Controlled Substance Act.”

It seems that–yet again–when things get this way and legal action is in the house, both sides retract into their groups, huddle and make a plan instead of all of us running to the middle of the field and joining forces together to come to an agreement as what would be the best action to take and the best “CALL TO ACTION” to release, so that all sides are saying the same thing and all sides are working together in a clear, unified way.

So, what do you do if you find yourself right smack in the middle (not immature, claiming a side you support but instead simply Supporting Kratom! and you hear people in the kratom community saying two different theories? You find some common ground.

Here Is The Common Ground

  • We all want kratom to remain legal.
  • All of our lives have changed due to kratom (in some small or large way).
  • Spreading FACTS is always a win-win.
  • Majority of Kratom consumers love to utilize Facebook to show their support, whether it be in a group or page (YouTube and Twitter being second).

So the meeting on Capitol Hill has happened already and the SISTA Act was passed without the amendment. Here is AKA’s post-statement

What Does This Mean?

Well the bill doesn’t specifically say kratom so now that this has passed the FDA has to prove that kratom applies. They will have to try to fit kratom into these categories below (The AKA/BEA are preparing to debate these things when the FDA most likely tries)

  • Its actual or relative potential for abuse.
  • Scientific evidence of its pharmacological effect, if known.
  • The state of current scientific knowledge regarding the drug or other substance.
  • Its history and current pattern of abuse.
  • The scope, duration, and significance of abuse.
  • What, if any, risk there is to the public health.
  • Its psychic or physiological dependence liability.
  • Whether the substance is an immediate precursor of a substance already controlled.

One guy named Floyd Fonck has a singular direction he is hoping to get more on board to accomplish. Watch his message HERE. Otherwise, it would be wise to await AKA/BEA’s new CALL TO ACTION whenever they decide to announce them.

Seana K (aka Kratom Girl)

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Shuanna Kaufman

Shaunna works as a Communication Specialist for a district in Oregon. She also owns a marketing company She volunteers her spare time to help defend kratom and serves on the board of Kratom United as a graphic designer.

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