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10 Best Kratom Alternatives You Might Not Know

William Clark July 22, 2021 0 comments
Kratom Alternatives

Kratom is a wonderful plant that helps a lot of people all over the world, but there are also some other beneficial substances available. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the information you are looking for in one place. This article will help you decide which ones you may want to try.

Why Would You Need a Kratom Alternative?

Kratom can offer a lot of benefits, but sometimes people ask us about alternatives. Some of them don’t like to take kratom during the day because it makes them sleepy, others don’t take it at night because it keeps them up. In a few places around the country and world, kratom is illegal. Finally, there are tons of people who like to take kratom breaks to let their tolerance go down.

Whatever reason that you are looking for something to consume instead of kratom, we have a complete list of supplements, plants, and more that can provide different benefits. Some offer alternatives for relaxation, others provide a sense of mental tranquility, and still others offer a boost of energy. The reason that you take kratom will determine the most beneficial alternative for you.

1. Akuamma

Akuamma is a lesser known tree that has been used as a natural medicine in Africa for years. Akuamma contains a variety of different alkaloids that offer similar benefits as kratom does. The most abundant alkaloid found in Akuamma is akuammidine and is quite similar in structure and effects as Mitragynine, the alkaloid responsible for the most profound kratom effects.

Akuamma seeds are consumed for results. The product is available as Akuamma powder or placed into capsules for convenience.


Muscle relaxation and anti-inflammatory – If you have discomfort or aches that OTC medications don’t ease, then Akuamma may be the solution you have been looking for. The analgesic abilities of the seeds can relieve moderate to severe soreness and suffering.

Sedation – If you are looking for a kratom alternative that can help you relax, then Akuamma is a great choice. It may be able to help with sleep as well and can provide a sense of tranquility. It can relax the body and the mind and give you a prolonged feeling of calm.

Other Benefits – There is also evidence that Akuamma may have slight antiviral properties. In addition, it seems that the seeds could be good for diabetes because it increases the uptake of glucose into your cells.


Awful taste – If you thought kratom tastes bad, you will probably have a hard time getting Akuamma powder down at first. It has an overwhelming bitter taste and you may be better off consuming capsules.

Headaches and Nausea – Not everybody has these side effects and they are more common with larger doses. In fact, if you overdo it with Akuamma, then you may find that you become so nauseous that you cannot do anything without vomiting. Start with lower doses and gradually work your way up to avoid headaches and stomachaches.

2. Kava Kava

Kava is a drink or supplement made out of grounding the roots of the Piper methysticum plant found in the South Pacific. The tea is commonly consumed as part of ceremonies and social gatherings throughout the islands in the South Pacific. It contains compounds known as kavalactones.


Relaxation – there is evidence to suggest that kava could help to relax the mind to calm racing thoughts and worries. IT can also provide a sense of relaxation for the body and muscles that may be beneficial for some.

Sleep – Kava is known for relaxation and it may be enough to help you fall and stay asleep. One of the kavalactones in kava that provides this sedative, sleep-inducing effect is called kevain.

Social –  Some people say that kava can provide a slight mood boost and allow you to be more comfortable socializing. It is often used in a manner similar to alcohol in that it helps people be comfortable talking to strangers in social situations.


Liver damage – heavy or long-term use of kava has been known to cause liver damage in some people. The risk increases with dosage and people who have had liver problems in the past should avoid kava.

Intoxication – kava can cause you to become intoxicated to the point of impairing judgment, impacting reflexes, and altering visual acuity. Do not consume kratom prior to operating a vehicle or other heavy machinery.

Other Downsides – There are a number of other ill effects that kava potentially causesIt can negatively impact mental health, cause extreme fatigue, or make you lose your appetite. If you are considering kava as a kratom alternative, be sure not to use it in high doses or for a prolonged period of time.

3. Delta-8

While Delta-8-THC is more of an alternative to Delta-9-THC, it can also offer some benefits as an alternative to kratom. Delta-8 is found in cannabis and it can cause a host of effects similar to Delta-9, but generally the effects are more mild. Plus, it is legal, while Delta-9 remains illegal in much of the country. It is available as Delta-8 flower, vapes, and gummies (among other products).


For aches and discomfort – it may be able to help you feel more comfortable and relax your bones and muscles. It can help ease your body and reduce the amount of physical discomfort that you feel after a long day of work.

Relaxation – Delta-8 can help to relieve mental and physical uneasiness, racing thoughts, and worries. It can provide a sense of calm with a wave of comfortable tranquility.

Nausea  –  There is evidence that D8 could help to limit or reduce feelings of nausea or stomach aches. It may even prevent vomiting and other results that occur with severe nausea.


Increased Appetite – while this is not the worst side effect for most people, if you do not want the munchies or are trying to lose weight, then you may want to avoid Delta-8. It stimulates appetite, sometimes considerably.

Tolerance – Delta-8 can work wonders for some people, but the tolerance level increases significantly and it does so very quickly. This means that you will have to consume more for similar effects, which can be hard on the wallet.

Intoxication – While it does not intoxicate as much as alcohol or Delta-9, it can still alter your feelings and perceptions, which may not be good for some situations.

4. Mitragyna Hirsuta and Mitragyna javanica

These are two species that are directly related to kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa. Mitragyna hirsuta is also known as Kra Thum Khok and it can offer some effects that could be similar to kratom effects in some ways. Its effects are caused by a primary alkaloid called mitraphylline. Like kratom, the effects are dose-dependent.

Mitragyna javanica is another related plant that does not offer most of the effects, but still could be beneficial in some ways, for some people. It works by using an alkaloidal compound called mitrajavine.


Muscle relaxation – at higher doses, Mitragyna hirsuta has been known to relax muscles and ease discomfort in joints and bones. This can be highly beneficial for those who want to replace similar effects that kratom provides. This can also allow for a calming effect on the mind.

Energy – this effect is much milder than it is with kratom, but small doses of Mitragyna hirsuta may help to give you energy to get on with your day.

Legality – both of these alternatives are legal in many places where kratom is banned and can be an alternative for people around the world.


Mild Effects – if you are switching to these plants from kratom, you may find that the effects are underwhelming. This is because they are much weaker than the alkaloids found in kratom.

Hard to Find – Since a lot of people prefer kratom, these two plants can be hard to find and the availability is often limited to a slow supply.

5. Kanna

Kanna, or sceletium, is a succulent native to South Africa. It has historically been consumed as a traditional medicine in the region and offers a variety of benefits. It has a variety of different effects  because it is full of different compounds that affect the brain and body in different ways.


Mood Boost – kanna can help with mood and provide a sense of well-being and easeiness. This can be highly beneficial if you are looking for a kratom alternative even if it does not provide the amount of energy that kratom does.

Affordable – kanna is also very affordable and is available in different forms to suit you needs and preferences.


Not Relaxing – kanna is not a great choice for those who are looking for tranquility and relaxing properties. It only provides a boost in mood.

Side Effects – kanna can cause side effects in some people that include headaches, nausea, and mental fatigue. Some people even find that it makes them sick and dizzy in higher doses.

6. Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus is a flower that has been consumed for centuries for its relaxation-inducing properties. In fact, it is native to Egypt and was used in ancient times for medicinal effects. Now, it can be an option to choose instead of kratom.


Relaxation – this is one of the more relaxation substances on this list. It can help you relax the mind and the body which can be good after your body undergoes aches and the mind is impacted by the day’s events.

Mood – while this effect is mild, Blue Lotus may also help to provide a sense of well-being and give a slight boost to your overall mood.


Side Effects – Blue Lotus can cause someone to feel intoxicated and can also cause nausea, dizziness, headaches, and increased heart rate.

Mild Effects – when compared with kratom, the effects of Blue Lotus are quite mild and the largest effect is the sense of relaxation that it provides.

7. Phenibut

This is a synthetic drug, which makes it a different type of alternative than the others on this list. Still, it can provide some of the effects that you may want to have when you replace kratom with a different substance.


Relaxation – this compound was developed specifically for the relaxation that it provides users. It relaxes the mind and may ease discomfort and racing thoughts.In fact, it may do this better than kratom for many people.

Sleep – if you have trouble sleeping with some of the other alternatives on this list, then this one may be the solution to finally get some rest.


Addictive – phenibut can be addicting for both the mind and body. IT is best to avoid taking it more than two days in a row. If you do become addicted, it can have significant withdrawal symptoms.

Intoxicating – it can also cause one to become intoxicated and you should avoid working with heavy machinery after consuming it. You may find that it also makes you dizzy and unable to complete simple tasks.

8. Betel Nut

Betel nut, or areca nut, is the seed of the areca palm tree that is native to much of the tropical Pacific and Southern Asia. It is chewed to provide the effects and is widely consumed in many countries in those regions.


Energy – betel nuts provide a burst of energy to users when chewed. This can be a great replacement for kratom, particularly white strain kratom. However, betel nut does not provide any of the relaxation effects of kratom.

Mood Boost – Along with the energy, you may find that it boosts your mood and gives you a sense of well-being.


Carcinogenic – betel nut is known to have carcinogenic properties, which means that it can cause cancer. It can also stain the teeth and interact with medications.

Addicting – betel nut, like other stimulants, can be quite addicting and you may find that it is difficult to get the effects that you used to as your tolerance begins to build.

9. CBD

Another compound found in cannabis, CBS does not provide any intoxicating effects, but can be a substitute for some of the effects of kratom. It is legal in all of the U.S. states and readily available in most places online or at smoke shops.  It is available in several forms like other cannabis products.


Relax the Mind – CBD can calm the mind, especially if you are having racing thoughts or intrusive worries. It does not provide a sedative effect, but you may notice that you feel better about your current situation after consuming CBD.

Eases Discomfort – CBD can also help with discomforts of daily life. While it will not offer as strong of an acute effect as kratom, it can provide long-term relief.


Side Effects – CBD can cause side effects like dry mouth, changes in appetite, and drowsiness. It can also impact the way other medications work. For most people, the side effects are mild.

Mild Effects – the effects of CBD are often much less noticeable than they are with kratom. However, people find that it may ease some of their symptoms that they use kratom for.

10. Wild Lettuce

Wild lettuce is a species of plant used as a component of herbal medicine in many parts of the world. It is related to the dandelion plant and is used as a natural remedy for a plethora of ailments. While the effects are generally mild, some people have great success using this plant to ease some of the symptoms when they stop consuming kratom.


Aches and Discomfort – wild lettuce can have some beneficial effects for aches and muscle discomfort. While there is limited research on these benefits, this is one of the most common reasons that people seek out the plant.

Relaxation – it can also provide a sense of calm and relaxation for the body and the mind. It is somewhat sedating, especially in heavier doses or combined with other sedating supplements, medications, or herbs.

Nootropic – some people use wild lettuce as part of a nootropic stack and claim that it boosts memory and other cognitive functions.


Side Effects – can cause a plethora of side effects like drowsiness and jitteriness as well as dizziness, fatigue, bloodshot eyes, headaches, and nausea.

Mild – While wild lettuce can have some beneficial effects, it also seems to be missing something that makes kratom so wonderful as a medicinal plant. However, many people find that mixing wild lettuce with other supplements increases the beneficial properties.


If you are looking for a kratom alternative, you have a lot of potential options. There are relaxing herbs, calming compounds, relieving supplements, and mood boosting plants to choose from. To get the most benefits, it may even help to combine more than one of them together since kratom offers a wide range of different effects that you may want to replace. Good luck!

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