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Best Ways To Take Kratom Capsules

William Clark July 7, 2021 0 comments
Kratom Capsules

Although they say taking Kratom capsules is the easiest method of Kratom consumption, I find this vague statement very hard to digest. I don’t understand how you can expect a beginner to know that Kratom capsules are straightforward to take compared to the other modalities.

 As a beginner Kratom user, I used to wonder when to take Kratom, with food or without food, with milk, juices, or water. Shall I take them before a meal or after a meal, what if I miss a dose? What if I am taking other medication, shall I take Kratom capsules? What will potentiate the effects of Kratom capsules and a multitude of more questions? So, I exactly know how it feels to be a beginner and not to find a proper blog on Kratom and especially Kratom capsules. 

 We aim to assist you in joining the Kratom fandom by guiding you properly and discussing the minute details in a very comprehensive manner. In this article, I’ll talk about the Best ways to take Kratom capsules. Let’s have a look at it.

What are Kratom capsules?

Usually, we come across Kratom in powder form. That is the readily available form. When you pack the same Kratom powder in the gelatin or vegan capsules, you get Kratom capsules.

Capsules come in different sizes from size 000 to size 5. The sizes 000 and 00 have the maximum capacity to hold Kratom powder, while sizes 4 and 5 are too small and usually not for human use. Mostly, Kratom vendors use the size 00 capsules. Each of these capsules can contain 0.5 grams of Kratom powder. 

 The capsule material can be hard gelatin or vegan-based. So, if you are a vegetarian, you have an option to opt for the gelatin capsules type. 

What are the pros of Kratom capsules?

  • You don’t have to come across the unpleasant bitter taste of Kratom while taking it. That means you won’t feel nausea that happens to many after consuming Kratom powder.
  • You have a definitive measurement. You don’t need the weighing scale every time to take your dose.
  • Kratom capsules are convenient. You don’t have to face any hassle that comes with Kratom powder.
  • You can carry Kratom capsules anywhere. They are easy to carry. 

What are the cons of Kratom capsules?

  • Each capsule only has a dose of 0.5grams of Kratom powder. That means, if you want a 5-6 grams dose, you will have to ingest 10-12 Kratom capsules. That doesn’t sound nice.
  • Kratom capsules are a little costly than Kratom powder. They charge you for the encapsulation and packaging.
  • Some people find that with Kratom capsules, you have a delayed onset of action. This is true because your gastric juices containing enzymes first have to digest the pill and then the Kratom powder. However, this reason is not significant considering the multitude of pros of Kratom capsules. You can have minute pores drilled in the capsule to achieve a quicker onset of action.

What are the best ways to take Kratom capsules?

You have to keep a few essential things in mind when taking Kratom capsules. For beginners, let me tell you that if you take it without food, you are likely going to suffer from nausea, and you would want to throw up. Although taking diet and Kratom together means that you will have a delay in the effects, but at least you won’t throw up.

 Those who are avid users of Kratom can take it without food too. Pre-meal dosing is better than post-meal dosing.

Please do not take it with any medication; it can be hazardous. Avoid taking Kratom capsules with any intoxicating substance, especially Alcohol.

You can take Kratom capsules with your morning cup of coffee, milkshake, or even tea. You can take it with grapefruit juice to potentiate the effects of Kratom. 

 Also, on a side note, you can have Kratom extract filled in your capsules instead of the Kratom powder, to have even more robust effects.

One thing that you need to understand while taking Kratom capsules is to know that you might experience some delay in the appearance of the effects. That doesn’t mean the Kratom isn’t working for you and that you should take more capsules. That means your stomach is taking some time to digest the pill.

 How many Kratom capsules shall I take?

The response to this answer varies according to the strain of Kratom that is present in the capsules. For potent strains, your dose will be less, but for weak strains, you will go for a higher dosage.

The general dose that works for the maximum number of users is around 4-6 Kratom capsules, i.e., 2-3 grams. Those who have the tolerance to Kratom require a higher amount of Kratom. For beginners, I’ll suggest going for a small dose like 1-2 capsules and then gradually increase your dosage to the point where you feel effects. However, do not increase the dose by more than 10-12 Kratom capsules.

The effects of Kratom capsules appear after 30-45 minutes and last for as long as 5-6 hours.

Where can I get the best Kratom capsules?

Right at your home! I am not joking. Considering that you might even need to take as many as 8-10 Kratom capsules per day, you might need to save some money. Get Kratom powder, the right type, and the size of capsules for yourself. Then fill the capsules with Kratom powder. Dedicate a day to this work and get it done. This way, you save your money, and you know that you used a proper strain of Kratom. You don’t doubt the contents of the capsules.

What are the other methods of taking Kratom?

You can take Kratom in several ways. Some of these methods are listed below;

  • Tea: Brew Kratom tea and enjoy it while you sip it slowly and get the effects.
  • Take it with your food. Sprinkle the Kratom powder on your diet. Ensure that you don’t cook Kratom as it will lose its efficacy.
  • Take it with your morning coffee, or take it with a milkshake by the toss and wash method.
  • Add it to a protein shake and enjoy its beneficial effects.
  • Add it to your bowl of yogurt and have a healthy meal.
  • You can even chew Kratom leaves, but for that, I think you might want to deactivate your taste buds.
  • Mix it in honey and spread it over your bread.
  • Bake Kratom cookies or cake that is such a tasty recipe.
  • Add it to your oatmeal.

Final Thoughts

Kratom capsules are very reliable to consume and available on almost all Kratom stores, but you’d instead make it on your own. Consume it responsibly, and do not overdo it. Remember, before taking Kratom capsules; you should ensure that you have no medical condition and are not mixing it with any other additives. If you face any side effects, please immediately see your physician.

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