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Can You Take Kratom With Alcohol?

William Clark June 14, 2021 0 comments
Kratom Alcohol Combination

Kratom is a legal, but often misunderstood, herb while alcohol is one of the most widely consumed psychoactive substances on the planet. So, naturally people will want to mix them together for a range of different effects. But is it safe and how does the experience differ from ingesting just one or the other?

Let’s take a look at the effects of the combination.

What are the effects of mixing kratom with alcohol?

It is important to note that each substance affects every person differently. Therefore, you may not experience all of the positive or negative effects of the combination of alcohol and kratom. However, there are several effects that are common with the mixture of kratom and alcohol that it is good to be aware of.

  • Stimulation and Energy – This is an effect that is most common with low doses of both kratom and alcohol. While alcohol is a downer and kratom can be as well, the mixture of the two is more stimulating than either of the substances on their own for many users. While this can be a positive effect, you should be aware that it can disrupt your sleeping patterns and contribute to insomnia. In fact, that is the reason that I always avoid the combination within a couple hours of bedtime unless I am okay with staying up for a while.
  • Sedation and Drowsiness – This effect typically occurs with medium to high doses of kratom and/or alcohol. This should not be too surprising since both substances tend to cause more sedating effects at higher doses. This is especially true with red strains of kratom, like Red Elephant.  While this can be relaxing and enjoyable, it can also be negative if the effect gets too intense. In fact, in some cases the combination can make it difficult to stay alert or even awake.
  • Dizziness – While this effect can happen with any dose, it is much more common with higher doses of either kratom or alcohol. It can make it seem like the room is spinning, especially when the eyes are open.
  • Nausea – This effect can happen with too much kratom or too much alcohol. However, the effect is often intensified when you combine the two. It is not pleasant to say the least and you will want to avoid this by starting at low doses with both substances.
  • Worsened  Hangover – Dehydration can cause a worsened hangover. Poor sleep quality can contribute to it as well. The combination of kratom and alcohol tends to cause both and some people wake up the next morning feeling like they made a mistake taking too much of both substances the night before. Besides the physical effects of a hangover, you may find that you are in a bad mood the next day after consuming a mixture of the two substances.
  • Enhanced Mood – Both kratom and alcohol can give a boost to overall mood and provide a sense of positive well-being. The combination of the two tends to enhance this effect even more. It can make you feel happy and relaxed and comfortable in your current situation. This is the most sought after effect of the combination, but sometimes the side effects can make it difficult to achieve the correct dose.
  • Irritability- This is most common with high doses of alcohol and kratom. When combining the two, you may find that everything makes you angry and that even the smallest thing throws off your mood.

Consuming kratom before and after drinking alcohol

The effects can be different depending on whether you consume alcohol first or take kratom before drinking. Typically, consuming kratom before alcohol will allow you to receive more positive effects. This is because as soon as you start feeling nauseous or dizzy, you can stop drinking. It also enhances the kratom effects more when consumed in this order.

If you take kratom after consuming alcohol, remember not to take too much. After you have alcohol in your stomach, putting kratom on top of it has a tendency to cause extreme nausea. In addition, the effects of the kratom will not be as strong as they will be when taking the kratom first.

Does kratom help with alcohol withdrawal?

There is little to no research on the effects of kratom on alcohol withdrawal. While some people find that kratom may take the edge off, the two substances work much differently. Alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous and it is better to seek the advice of a mental health professional. 

What is the safe dose for kratom alcohol combination?

The dose depends on a variety of factors including tolerance to both substances, strength of both substances, and more. However, there are some things that you can do that can help you stay safe and avoid negative side effects.

  • Start Slow – Everyone reacts differently and it is better safe than sorry. You can work your way up, but starting slow helps you know how your body will react to the combination. Do not drink as much alcohol or consume as much kratom that you normally would when only ingesting one or the other because the effects can sneak up on you.
  • Drink Water – Being dehydrated can contribute to nausea and terrible hangovers. Drink plenty of water before you drink alcohol or take kratom. Then, drink water throughout the entire experience. Your body will thank you.
  • Don’t Drive – This should go without saying, but do not drive when drinking alcohol! In addition, the effects of the combination could be stronger and impair your ability to operate a vehicle even more. Plan ahead so that you do not have to worry about getting behind the wheel.
  • Take Kratom Strains Into Account – Remember that alcohol is a depressant and that the effects of kratom depend greatly on dose and strain. Red strains are more likely to cause relaxation while white and green strains will promote positive energy. Make sure you take one that works for the type of effects that you desire.

How to handle a bad reaction to mixing kratom and alcohol?

Bad reactions can happen when mixing substances, but it is important to remember that the mixture of kratom and alcohol is rarely dangerous. It can, however, cause adverse reactions that are not fun. Here are some tips to help you through a negative reaction.

  • Sit and Close Your Eyes – Closing your eyes and relaxing can help to calm down your body’s negative reaction. It may also help to play some relaxing music.
  • Sip on Water – Sipping slowly on water can help to calm the stomach. If you think that you may be hungry, then eat something light like soup or toast.
  • Talk to a Friend – Sometimes we have a tendency to get in our own heads and think of all the negative things that we are feeling. Instead, talk to a friend in person, on the phone, or online. This can help to distract your mind.

Final Thoughts

The combination of kratom and alcohol can be pleasant for some, but remember to start slowly so that you can do your best to avoid negative side effects. The combination can increase stimulation or sedation depending on dose and kratom strain. It can also cause intense nausea in some people. However, it can also improve mood and offer enhanced effects of both kratom and alcohol.

Tell us about your alcohol and kratom experiences in the comments below.

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