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Can You Find Kratom Supplements in a Vitamin Shop?

William Clark January 1, 2022 0 comments
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Kratom can be a beneficial herb, but it is unique in various ways that make it harder to find than some of the other popular dietary supplements. However, it is no surprise that consumers look toward supplement and vitamin stores like Vitamin Shoppe or GNC for quality kratom products. So, can you get kratom at those types of stores?

Does Vitamin Shoppe Sell Kratom?

Vitamin Shoppe does not sell kratom or any other products that contain kratom. In fact, none of the chain vitamin and supplement stores sell any products containing kratom. While it is unlikely that a local health shop will sell kratom, it is entirely possible. 

Since kratom is used as a supplement for a variety of health purposes, it does seem odd to a lot of people that kratom is not sold in the same types of stores, but there are reasons for this. There are also alternative options where you can purchase kratom online and in-person locally. 

Why Can’t You Buy Kratom at Vitamin Shoppe or Another Supplement Store?

There are a few reasons why you cannot find kratom at supplement stores including Vitamin Shoppe. Knowing these reasons may help you identify specific locations where you are more likely to locate the kratom product that you want. 

Credit Card Limitations

The first reason is that many of the major credit companies that are accepted at health and supplement stores do not allow use for kratom. While it may seem odd that both retailers and credit card companies and other financial institutions would want to reduce their business by banning kratom from purchasable commodities, the reason is somewhat arbitrary. Some credit card companies just do not want the association with a controversial substance to protect credibility while others believe that it is risky financially. Regardless of the reason, this means that it is highly unlikely that any major store will permit the sale of kratom. 


While kratom is still legal in many countries including the United States, some states and counties do have bans on some or all kratom products. Not only that, but the plant is controversial and the FDA has previously sought a ban on kratom and its primary alkaloids. It is likely not worth the risk of a seizure of change in legal status for a larger company to supply kratom to regular users. It may also go against some companies’ reputations. 


Another factor to consider is the possible liability. While kratom is safe for most people, it is psychoactive and there are potential side effects. While this is also true of many of the supplements carried in Vitamin Shoppe and GNC, the risk may not be worth the amount of kratom that they would sell annually. They have been sued over harmful ingredients and false claims before, but in some cases, it may be worth it because of available research, history of consumption, and other factors. 

Can You Buy Kratom on Amazon?

Kratom is not sold on Amazon despite the fact that they do sell a variety of other supplements, including psychoactive herbs like Kava Kava. Amazon no longer sells kratom or even advertises it on their website. However, even if it was available on Amazon, we would never recommend sourcing your kratom from such a global company because it will be unlikely to be heavily tested for heavy metals and other contaminants. Not only that, but it will likely be older and not as fresh and potent as some other online vendors

Where Can You Buy Kratom Locally?

While you cannot get kratom at a chain supplement store like Vitamin Shoppe, there are local places that may sell kratom in your area. Some gas stations sell a small number of kratom products and while many of them are low quality, there are some decent options. However, you will probably pay three times as much for kratom from a gas station as you would from a reputable online store. 

Local smoke shops will usually sell kratom products as well. In fact, many of them have a large selection of strains and brands to choose from. While they are often expensive, this can be a good option while you are waiting for your order or if you just want to test the waters before buying some high-quality kratom powder from an online location. 

There are plenty of reasons why buying kratom online can be the best, including heavily reviewed products, tested batches, wide selection, knowledgeable owners, and fresh leaves. Whereas a smoke shop may sell mid-quality kratom, they make their business off of selling a wider variety of products. An online kratom store may sell other products, but they are more likely to take pride in their kratom because that is where they excel.  


Whether you are looking for a sedating strain like Red Maeng Da or an energetic choice like White Kali, the best option is to look online. Plus, online vendors are more likely to have a wide selection of extracts, blends, and more. However, if for whatever reason you need to buy kratom locally, you will not find it at Vitamin Shoppe or GNC and would have more luck checking out your community smoke shops or even gas stations. 

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