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How Much Kratom For the First Time

Billy Carlyle January 7, 2021 0 comments
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When you go to try ANYTHING new for the first time, it is vitally important that you know your body, that you know what your body can handle. For example, some are sensitive to caffeine, so trying an energy drink might not be the smartest thing.

Top things kratom does for people:

  1. Mood lift (any amount)
  2. nervousness relief (any amount)
  3. Relaxation (when you take more)
  4. Energy (when you take less)
  5. Stamina (any amount)

So, should you be trying kratom? If the answer is still yes, then here is a basic guide on how much you should start out on for each of the various reasons one would take kratom:

First time ever:

Start with a 1/2 teaspoon. 1-2 grams. Mix it with some orange juice (find more recipes here).

The average person feels the benefits within 10-20 minutes. The smaller amount you take, the more energized (and more stamina) you will feel. The more kratom you take, the more nervousness relief and relaxation you will feel. Increase your next dose if need be in order to feel the subtle effects of kratom.

If you have to take more than 10 grams per dose, then there is most likely something in your system conflicting/blocking the benefits of kratom. If you have been taking kratom for a long time, and taking 10 grams does nothing for you, then you should reset your tolerance by taking a break or adding stem and vein to your daily routine. To read about the benefits of stem and vein, click HERE.

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