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Kratom Risks and How to Avoid Them

Billy Carlyle January 7, 2021 0 comments
Kratom Risks

As with anything, even the healthy organic things like Kratom. If you take too much of something, it might become a bad thing. Kratom Risks are no exception. Therefore, lets not avoid this discussion. Let us go over the commonsense risks when taking too much kratom, or, when taking kratom when your body isn’t in support of it. Let us start with important kratom risks facts.

Common Facts About Kratom Risks

Kratom Isn’t For Everyone 

Your body might not like kratom. Your body might be allergic to kratom. It might reject it for various reasons. Your heart might not be able to handle kratom risks or side effects etc.

Taking Too Much Of Kratom Can Cause A Reaction

Just like taking too much coffee causes the jitters, too much kratom can cause the “wobbles”. Your head might start spinning and you might get a migraine/headache. You might even throw up. That is your body doing it’s job by extracting kratom from your system because you simply cannot handle it or you took too much.

Kratom Might Not Work 

This can be the case for many reasons, but the common reasons are, You didn’t take enough or You have things in your system conflicting with it. Kratom works on alkaloids. When you have other things in your system working on them, they become numb or over used (in a sense). Things that can cause this are anti-nervousness meds. Now let us talk about the commonsense risks involved when consuming/drinking/dosing with kratom.

Common Risks Of Kratom

  • You might have a tainted batch from a vendor who does not test their kratom. It might be contaminated with metals and other gross stuff.
  • Your body might show a side effect after taking it. Reported side effects include: Nausea, itching, sweating, dry mouth, constipation, diarrhea, increased urination, loss of appetite, feelings of agitation, irritability or uneasiness; drowsiness, abnormally fast heartbeat, loss of muscle coordination in arms and legs, hallucinations, seizures and/or liver damage. If you notice, these are all possible side effects to drinking alcohol (which is fully legal in America btw). Have you ever watched a prescription commercial? Do you hear them list possible side effects? Death being a common one? Makes you think doesn’t it? FDA approved prescriptions, fully admitting that “death” MIGHT be a side effect…….. Yeah.
  • Your body might react with a withdrawal when not taking kratom for a bit. This is again common with most things. Stop eating sugar and tell me how you feel by the third day. That withdrawal is known to be one of the worst types.
  • Kratom might interact badly with prescriptions you are on, so yes, definitely check online for any written articles about your prescription and kratom (it might be out there) or check with your doctor (but be prepared for an automatic, “STOP KRATOM NOW!” considering kratom is a controversial, non FDA approved supplement, regardless if it is harmless and safer than Tylenol).

Final Words

Knowledge is power. Scientists need to do more research on kratom thoroughly before forming an opinion on it. Study up on the risks and benefits. Know your body, be in tune with your body so as to avoid any issues. Follow Ketum’s YouTube channel as well as this blog for more helpful tips and kratom news. Many case studies are now available. Users opinion can help for better understanding of kratom side effects or its risks. For a time being if it is essential to take kratom, start taking small dosage. May be in future FDA/DEA will be able to provide us more strong evidence in favor of kratom. But still it’s illegal in few states of USA due to its long terms effects and risks for users.

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Billy Carlyle is an alumnus of UNCW, obtaining an MFA in creative writing. In his nook and cranny of the writing community, he explores the intricacies of plant pharmacology and its botanical research, writing predominantly for the cannabis, medical marijuana, CBD, and kratom industries.

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