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“Why I Stopped Kratom”

Shuanna Kaufman January 7, 2021 0 comments
Why I Stopped Kratom

Have you ever heard or watched videos of someone explaining, in all seriousness, why they stopped taking kratom? I have. YouTube has a few. Being someone who suffers from discomfort and drinks kratom tea every day, this video topic perturbs me. They start out by pretty much acting like they had a problem in the first place, that they became addicted and knew that they had to stop. First of all, if you think that then you shouldn’t have been taking kratom in the first place! You clearly don’t NEED kratom. It’s like people who drink coffee every morning (coffee is a “sister drink” to kratom tea – look it up if you don’t believe me). Many get “so addicted to coffee” that it stops working, it stops giving you energy first thing in the morning, so then you feel like you need to taper. Yes, yes you should. WITH ALL THINGS, you can become dependent on anything, kratom is no exception.


Take a break, go ahead. But dont climax on this topic as if it’s a big deal. Detoxing from sugar is a bigger deal. The withdrawals from sugar is more intense than withdrawing from kratom or caffeine. Try it if you don’t believe me.

So please stop acting like you just gave up a hard addiction. That’s just as annoying as vegans shaming meat eaters. Good for you, now shut up. You clearly didn’t need kratom.

Kratom helps with nervousness, it helps with fatigue, lack of energy, it helps with mood/nervousness. If you don’t take kratom, you WILL be taking someone else to help with one of these issues you might be dealing with. Now, would you rather popping prozacs or drinking kratom tea to help your nervousness? Which is “healthier”? Which is natural? I dont know about you, but if I was one suffering from one of the above issues, kratom would be my daily substance of choice (if you have to refer to it as an addiction). I’m addicted to coffee too if you wanna go there.

However, if you do NOT suffer from fatigue or insomnia, then no–you shouldn’t be taking kratom, so thank you for “stopping kratom”. If all you were ever looking for was a recreational high, then kratom wasn’t the thing for you anyway. But someone who finds kratom and it changes their lives by relieving their nervousness or helping ease their discomfort, kratom is a life changer, a blessing for that person. You preaching about you stopping kratom doesn’t help anyone but your own conscience. You did that for yourself, and sure, good for you.

There are many out there living with nervousness of various kinds, and we would rather choose a natural leaf then pop chemical-filled prescriptions.

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Shuanna Kaufman

Shaunna works as a Communication Specialist for a district in Oregon. She also owns a marketing company She volunteers her spare time to help defend kratom and serves on the board of Kratom United as a graphic designer.

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