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How to Mix Kratom Strains for Specific Benefits

William Clark August 4, 2023 0 comments
How to Mix Kratom Strains

If you’re a regular kratom user, then you probably have your favorite strain. While there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the tried and true strains we all love, you can mix kratom strains and colors to curate specific effects.

Whether you like energy-boosting white strains, tranquil reds, or balanced greens, keep reading to learn how you can combine, mix, and experiment with various potent kratom strains to achieve desired benefits any day or night! But first, let’s examine why doing so is a good idea! 

Why Would You Mix 2 Or More Kratom Strains?

Some strains might be perfect for any situation, but other times a strain might not fit your needs exactly. 

For example, what if you want to have an energetic evening, but don’t want the effects to last too long and keep you awake? Or conversely, how about those times when you really want to chill out, but also want to be able to hold a focused conversation? For those times, you can combine different strains and different colors to produce exact effects. That means you can personalize your regimen to meet your daily needs. 

Not only that but if you buy an affordable split kilo, you can mix and match your different varieties so that you never get bored or tired of the effects of taking a single strain over and over again. This might also help with tolerance so that your kratom doses stay consistently powerful and effective.

Finally, it’s simply fun to try out new kratom mixtures, experience newfound effects, and attempt to create the perfect kratom mixture for the effects you love. 

How to Mix Kratom Strains for Specific Benefits

When blending kratom strains yourself, there are some best practices that you should follow including careful measurement, small batches, considering general color effects, and potency.

Measure Carefully

Make sure you measure different mixtures carefully. For example, if you mix 10 grams of Green Dragon Kratom powder with half a gram of any other strain… well, the effects might not be that great. Not only that, but tracking your different mixture amounts in grams or percentages will help you continue to curate the effects until you find the exact combination for the effects you desire. 

Start with Small Batches

Don’t mix an entire 100-gram bag without another large amount, at least not for your first time. Instead, start with single doses or, at most, 28 grams or less. That way, if you don’t like the mixture very much, you aren’t stuck with tons of it. 

Consider Colors

While the strain will also matter, the color is the best way to gauge the effects of a particular strain or blend. Here are some general guidelines:

  • White Strains: Energetic, “fast,” great for focus, waking up, and productivity. 
  • Green Strains: Moderately energetic, with some relaxing and mood-lifting properties that might also help with discomfort or recovery.
  • Yellow Strains: Moderately relaxing with a touch of energy and mood lift, typically considered between green and red in effect profile.  
  • Red Strains: The most relaxing and great for nighttime, meditation, stress relief, and tranquil well-being.

Be Careful With Potency

We’ve found that some combinations tend to enhance potency, so be careful when taking the same, or especially larger, doses. In addition, some professional blends contain powerful kratom extracts, which you can also add to your own mixtures. These are much more effective, so don’t use too much unless you’re an experienced kratom user that knows how to measure them properly.  

Some Kratom Blend Recipes We Recommend

These are some great combinations that we recommend and that our customers love! 

50% Super Green Malay, 50% White Maeng Da

These are two of the most potent strains for energy, mood lift, and productivity. This blend is great for mornings and afternoons where you need a burst of speed and a major improvement in state of mind and well-being. 

70% Red Bentuangie, 20% Yellow Gold, 10% White Borneo

This is the most tranquil blend possible and great for recovering after an intense workout. The small amount of White Borneo ensures you don’t fall asleep too fast so you can enjoy amazing relaxation! 

75% Green Borneo, 25% Red Bali

The perfect blend for relieving physical or mental discomfort, reducing stress, and still amplifying productivity and focus. You can also get a split kilo to try starting with 100% Green Borneo in the mornings, this blend during the afternoon, and a 50/50 percent split for the night! 

Ketum Superior Blends – Professionally Blended for Premium Results

While we encourage you to mix your own kratom to find the perfect blend, we’ve perfected some exceptional blends of our own. 

Our new Blueberry MD Special Blend combines Maeng Da Kratom with Blueberry extract for antioxidant support for cardio and bone health. It also helps promote energetic effects and well-rounded health. TongKat MD Special Blend is another newer option that adds TongKat ali for vigor and health growth added to the traditional effects of kratom. 

Lucky 7 Special Blend is a blend of our 7 most popular strains for full-spectrum results including euphoria, mental clarity, focus, and motivation in a small dose. Power Green Special Blend is for green strain lovers and uses the freshest, most uplifting blend of green strains like Green Kali and Green Maeng Da. 

We also have extract enhanced kratom powders like Red Devil 10x Enhanced Kratom Powder and Super Green 50x Enhanced Kratom Powder. Finally, we have White Fire Special Blend that combines a specially selected combination of white, red, and yellow strains for premium long-lasting potency. 

Happy Mixing!

Whether you choose a professional blend or decide to mix your own kratom strains, it’s a great way to achieve desired results and personalized effects. Good luck and happy mixing! 

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