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Is it Okay to Store Kratom in a Hot Car?

Billy Carlyle July 25, 2023 0 comments
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It’s Summer, and if you’re a regular kratom user then you might bring your supply with you when you go to work, school, run errands, or anything else. So, you leave it in the hot car that reaches extreme temperatures. Is it okay to store kratom in a hot car like this, or does it potentially ruin the kratom?

Storing kratom properly is always a good idea, especially if you will have the same product for months, but what should you avoid, how long is it okay to keep in your car, and what other storage options should you consider? Keep reading to learn all those answers and more! 

Is it Okay to Store Kratom in a Hot Car?

In general, it’s not the smartest method of storing kratom, but if it’s a short period of time it will probably be okay. That’s because kratom alkaloids found won’t rapidly break down until the temperature gets up to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. People make it into tea using near-boiling water, so the heat from your car isn’t likely to destroy the alkaloids. 

However, there are some caveats. First, if it’s a long period of time, the quality of the kratom may gradually decrease due to the heat. It might take days or weeks of extreme temperatures, but you might notice that the texture becomes drier, the flavor worsens, and the effects are diminished. 

Second, you should never leave your kratom in direct sunlight whether in your car or anywhere else. If you do plan on storing it in your car for a day or two, then make sure it is in a UV-proof bag. That way, the sun cannot break down the alkaloids that provide all the beneficial effects of the wonderful kratom plant. 

Finally, if you have some other form of kratom other than kratom powder, it’s probably best to avoid the hot car altogether. While it might take some pretty extreme temperatures, heat could destroy capsules or tinctures and will most certainly melt your potent Ketum Kratom Gummies.

So, to put it briefly, the next time you want to store your Green Borneo Kratom Powder in your car, just make sure that it won’t be for an extended period, that the temperature doesn’t get too close to 200 degrees, and that sunlight cannot find it’s way to your product. That being said, whenever possible it’s best to follow safer storage guidelines for kratom! 

How to Store Kratom for Optimal Preservation

While kratom plants are grown in hot tropical environments, once they are picked they can become prone to degradation, so if possible we urge you to follow these guidelines for storing kratom. That way, your 2 Way Split Kilo of Kratom powder stays fresh, powerful, and effective. 

Avoid Humidity

This is the first and most important aspect of storing kratom. Humidity will not only alter the texture, taste, and effectiveness of your kratom powder, but it can even lead to mold, fungus, and other harmful contaminants that you don’t want in your kratom. To ensure those contaminants aren’t already present in the kratom you buy, buy from vendors and suppliers who test their kratom like Shop Ketum.

Use an Airtight Container

While not as critical as avoiding humidity, using an airtight container or at least a closeable container can help your kratom retain its freshness, aroma, and taste. We understand that you might HATE the taste of kratom, but too much air can make it taste even worse due to oxidation. 

Store in a Consistently Cool Place

To preserve the potency of your favorite kratom strains, store them in a cool dark place. The coolness, as we mentioned before, will ensure that the kratom alkaloids don’t break down no matter how slowly. Also, store it somewhere that’s constantly around the same temperature because fluctuations can be harmful to the kratom. 

Prevent UV Light 

Since sunlight can damage your kratom and break down not only the alkaloids but all the other components of kratom, make sure you store it away from light. While people often recommend the freezer, we don’t like this idea except for very long-term storage because the interior of a freezer is excessively humid. Instead, use a drawer, cabinet, or airtight container that blocks UV rays. 

What About Storing Liquid Kratom or Kratom Tea?

When it comes to kratom tinctures, shots, and tea, the advice is a little different. If you have an unopened Ketum Extreme Extract Tincture or any other shots or tinctures, then they should be fine as long as you follow the guidelines for optimal storage. However, if you’ve already opened them then it’s best to consume them ASAP before contaminants can find their way inside. 

With opened kratom shots or pre-made kratom tea, make sure you store it in the fridge to reduce the likelihood of bacterial growth or mold. We recommend drinking kratom tea that’s unrefrigerated within 2 to 4 hours depending on the environment. 

If you store it in the fridge, then it can last up to a week, but throw it out if it’s been any longer than 7 days even in the fridge. In the freezer, it might last even longer, but we don’t have first-hand experience doing so. 


Storing kratom properly will help you ensure it stays fresh, potent, and effective for the benefits you seek. Now that you know how to store it properly, you can save money by buying in bulk with Ketum 2-way split kilos for only $129.95! You’ll pick your two favorite strains and be stocked up with the freshest, most potent kratom on the market.

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