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Kratom Tinctures: Benefits, Uses, Side Effects and More

Shuanna Kaufman April 15, 2021 2 comments
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More and more kratom vendors are selling kratom tinctures. But that does not mean everyone knows what they are. Kratom tinctures provide a different method of experiencing kratom and there are some benefits to be aware of. 

What are Kratom Tinctures?

Kratom tinctures are kratom in liquid form. It takes sophisticated processing techniques to turn high-quality kratom powder into kratom tincture because heat and other conditions can destroy the alkaloids present in the powder. If the alkaloids are destroyed or altered, then the effects will diminish.

Since different kratom strains provide users with different effects, the same is true of kratom tinctures. A sedating red strain of kratom would be more likely to create a potent discomfort-relieving and relaxing kratom tincture. An energetic white strain will create a stimulating kratom tincture. However, since a tincture is concentrated, they all tend to be potent and great for relieving severe nervousness.

Most tinctures are made solely with raw kratom leaves. However, some vendors or manufacturers also mix herbs or flavoring into the kratom tinctures. Some even combine CBD with kratom to provide unique benefits.

Kratom tinctures are made by soaking the leaves or powder in a solvent like ethanol. However, some use hot water with other chemicals to extract the alkaloids, primarily mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Then, the solid components of the concoction are removed and the remaining liquid is isolated to create a potent liquid “shot” of kratom. This can take up to 9 weeks to fully extract the alkaloids into the liquid to create an effective tincture. Water can be evaporated off of the liquid to concentrate the tincture even farther.

Tinctures can differ greatly in terms of potency. They can contain as little as 1 gram per ml and get as potent as 10 grams per ml because the amount of kratom is concentrated into the liquid. Some people use droppers to take small amounts of highly potent kratom tinctures. You can even add a couple drops to your regular kratom dose to enhance the effect or to provide extra nervousness-relieving qualities.

Buying kratom tinctures or shots from trusted vendors is convenient and they perform the quality control measures that are important in the industry. However, some people do attempt to make kratom tinctures on their own. If you plan on doing this, be sure to measure out the amount of kratom that you want to use and remember how strong the tincture will be. Also, it is ill advised to use less than a few ounces of kratom powder to make high-quality tinctures. The idea is to put the kratom powder into a glass jar and add ethanol and mix it together thoroughly. It is best to test the pH and add citric acid or lemon juice until the pH reaches a level of 3.6 to 4. Then, the mixture can sit for a week or a little longer. After that, you can strain the concoction through a cheesecloth. The liquid portion is the tincture and you can simmer it over low heat to evaporate some of the water and make it more concentrated. However, you want to be careful not to destroy the alkaloids. Another option is to wait until the water evaporates naturally. 

If making your own kratom tinctures seems like a long, often expensive process, then you are right. However, it can be a fun experiment. But if you are just wanting to try out a tincture, it is best to purchase one from a trusted vendor. 

Benefits of Kratom Tinctures

There are some great benefits to using liquid kratom tinctures over using powder kratom. It is a good idea to look at all of these benefits one at a time. 


When the alkaloids of the kratom leaves are extracted and concentrated into a tincture, the effects can be maximized. Just a few millimeters of kratom tincture can provide potent effects and strong discomfort relief. Not only that, but the kratom tincture will kick in quickly and have long-lasting effects. 


Drinking a small amount of liquid is much more convenient than taking grams of kratom powder. In fact, drinking a kratom tincture is probably even more convenient than kratom capsules because it takes up so little space and you do not need a separate drink in order to consume it. 


Kratom tincture bottles are small and easy to store. They also seal tightly so you can keep them for much longer and if you are worried about a drop in potency over time, you can easily fit them inside your fridge. 

How to Use a Kratom Tincture?

There are a few different ways to take kratom tinctures that you should be aware of because different people prefer them for different reasons. 

As a Shot

This is the most common way to consume kratom tinctures. Always remember to start with half of a shot or a tincture and then take the other half if you need to increase the effects. Some tinctures can be very potent so you always need to be careful. 

Taking kratom tinctures as a shot by itself does not taste very good, but a lot of kratom consumers prefer it over taking multiple grams of powder. In addition, many people claim that it kicks in even faster than directly consuming powdered kratom leaves. 


Sublingually taking kratom means to let it absorb under your tongue. This is best done with a dropper so that you can drop a small amount underneath the tongue. This can make it absorb very rapidly and make you feel the benefits nearly immediately. It is a greatly effective way to absorb the alkaloids and anything that is not absorbed beneath the tongue will still wind up being ingested so it is very efficient. However, be careful doing it this method and be sure to start slowly.

With Food and Drink

You can use a kratom tincture with food and drink as well. However, be aware that consuming kratom with food may diminish the effects when compared with consumption on an empty stomach. This is because it will take longer for the kratom to break down and for the alkaloids to be absorbed. However, kratom tinctures can be effectively mixed into beverages like coffee or juice which masks the taste and makes it easy to consume. 

Possible Side Effects of Kratom Tinctures

Some people, especially individuals that do not have any tolerance to kratom, can be susceptible to side effects from any form of kratom like capsules, powder, or tinctures. However, since tinctures are generally much more potent than even the best kratom powder, they tend to be more likely to cause negative side effects. This is why it is always best to start slow when trying them, especially if you are new to kratom.  

Kratom tinctures are more likely to cause nausea and vomiting. Among kratom consumers, negative effects from too much kratom are referred to as the wobbles. The wobbles include nausea and possibly vomiting along with dizziness. You may have blurred vision or inability to balance. Some people experience strong sedation as well. These effects are not dangerous if you are in a safe place and will pass, but they are still more than uncomfortable and y0ou can easily avoid them by starting slowly and increasing as needed. 

One more thing to be aware of is the effect of kratom tinctures on tolerance levels. Since tinctures contain high levels of the alkaloids that are responsible for the effects that kratom has, consuming them can spike your tolerance. Kratom consumers generally do not recommend consuming kratom tinctures or other extracts more than once or twice a week so that your kratom does not increase substantially.

Final Thoughts of Kratom Tinctures

Kratom tinctures can be a great way to consume kratom for potent, long-lasting effects. A lot of people like to take kratom tinctures when they really need to relieve stress or when they have nervousness that is more severe than normal. However, they are also a convenient way for anyone to consume kratom. 

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