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Can You Mix Kratom With Matcha? Is it Safe to Do?

Billy Carlyle May 14, 2021 1 comment
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Matcha comes from the same plant that green tea comes from, but it is grown differently. Matcha grows without direct sunlight which helps to increase the amount of chlorophyll that the plant produces. Then, the leaves of the plant are ground into a powder which is called matcha.

Matcha, like kratom, is a green powdered substance and they can easily be mixed and consumed together. They do offer some synergy because matcha has more caffeine than other types of green tea. It is safe to take matcha with kratom, but do keep in mind that there can be side effects if you ingest too much kratom.

Let’s take a look at the great benefits associated with the mixture of kratom and matcha.

All Possible Benefits of Kratom and Matcha

Increased Energy

Kratom consumers commonly like the energy that it provides. White strains, like White Bali, are known to provide an energy boost as well as a feeling of positivity. Since matcha contains caffeine, it can add to these beneficial effects. In addition, if you prefer more relaxing strains, like Red Sumatra, the addition of matcha can help to prevent sleepiness.

Matcha also contains l-theanine which can contribute to increased focus. It may also help to fight the jittery feelings that often accompany caffeine consumption. Therefore, the mixture of kratom and matcha may help to increase productivity because of the smooth energy and concentration that it provides.


One of the most talked about benefits of kratom is the plant’s promotion of a relaxed state of mind. The l-theanine found in matcha can help to boost the relaxing effects of kratom as well. Not only that, but they offer a synergy that can help to add to the benefits by reducing side effects.

Kratom can make some people sleepy, especially stronger red strains like Red Maeng Da. The combination of l-theanine and caffeine that is found in matcha can help to combat those feelings of sleepiness without taking away the mental and physical relaxation that the kratom provides. This is because l-theanine provides relaxation as well, but also provides calming energy.


Matcha is known for having high levels of natural antioxidants that help to prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals. Matcha contains much higher levels of antioxidants than other types of green tea. In addition, there is research that suggests that kratom also provides antioxidants. Antioxidants can help to prevent heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.

Positive Mood

Kratom can provide a boost in mood on its own and so can matcha because of the caffeine and l-theanine. Caffeine provides stimulant effects that contribute to an energetic boost in mood. L-theanine can affect brain chemicals and provide us with a mood boost as well, except without the stimulant effects associated with caffeine.

The positive mood that kratom can provide depends greatly on the strain that a person consumes. All strains can provide a boost in mood, but Red strains typically give a relaxing boost in the mood while white strains provide a boost in energy levels along with a positive mood. Green strains fall somewhere in the middle.

Options for Mixing Matcha and Kratom

There are different ways that you can mix matcha with kratom. You can make a hot tea, a smoothie, or you can choose to toss and wash.

Toss and Wash Matcha and Kratom

The toss and wash method for ingesting kratom involves putting the kratom on your tongue and washing it down with water or other liquid. When doing the same with matcha and kratom, it is best to thoroughly mix them together. You can do this with a spoon and a bowl, but it is best to use a blender designed specifically for dry substances. Be sure to measure the exact amount of matcha and kratom that you want and then blend them together. Put some on a spoon and wash it down. Some people are comfortable with tossing back a large amount at once, but it is a good idea to start with small amounts.

Kratom Infused Matcha Tea

This is the most popular method for consuming kratom and matcha. Heat water up in a tea pot or saucepan. It is best not to mix the kratom with boiling water because excessive heat can destroy the beneficial alkaloids. Place the desired amount of kratom and matcha in a cup and pour the hot water over it. Stir vigorously until it is completely mixed. It is best to do this with a whisk. Then, you can use a sieve to strain out any remaining powder and add sweetener to taste.

There are a couple tips that may help to make high-quality, delicious kratom-infused matcha tea. First, even though you can use powdered kratom, it is best to use crushed leaf kratom. Also, instead of using a sieve or filter, you can purchase a tea infuser that works great for making kratom tea.

Matcha Kratom Smoothie

This is the most delicious way to consume kratom and matcha together. The ingredients will depend greatly on your preference, but there are some ingredients that pair well with matcha and kratom for enhanced flavor. For a standard amount of kratom and matcha, it can be good to use around 8 ounces of almond or soy milk. This gives the smoothie a creamy texture to go along with the unique texture of matcha. Then, bananas offer sweetness that also thickens the concoction. Add in honey to enhance the flavor. You may also want to try other fruits like berries or pineapple.

Why You Might Not Mix Matcha and Kratom

Typically, it is perfectly safe to consume matcha and kratom together. However, too much kratom or too much caffeine can cause some side effects. You may want to avoid the combination if you are highly sensitive to caffeine or the effects of kratom.

Too much caffeine from matcha can cause insomnia, restlessness, nausea, headaches, and irritability. Too much kratom can cause dizziness, nausea, dehydration, and insomnia or sleepiness.

Getting it Right

It may take some trial and error to get the combination right to synergize matcha with kratom and achieve the best benefits. You may also have to tinker with the dosages until you have a combination that tastes good too.

It is important to start with smaller amounts as well. This can help you prevent side effects that are associated with consuming too much match or kratom. Furthermore, if you try one method of consumption, like tea, and you do not like it, go ahead and try other methods until you find the one that works best for you.

Final Thoughts

Kratom and matcha can be a great addition to your routine when done correctly. Both plants can help to provide you with a boost in mood and antioxidants and give you a burst of relaxed energy. The mixture is also good for replacing your morning coffee because the matcha has a dosage of caffeine that is higher than other green teas and kratom can give a boost in energy and provide users with a positive mood. This can be a great way to begin a productive day. You can also try kratom infused matcha tea or blend the powders together in a smoothie. If you have your own recipe, feel free to leave a comment about it below!

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    Wayne Johnson

    I simply mix a tablespoon of kratom and a teaspoon of matcha in a shaker with juice. Shake and drink. I also mix the matcha with vanilla whey protein which tastes very good. adding the matcha to kratom removes much of kratoms terrible taste.

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