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Microdosing Kratom Effects and Benefits

William Clark September 15, 2022 0 comments
Microdosing Kratom Effects and Benefits

Kratom is a popular herb that is used for many wondrous benefits from energy to relaxation. While it is usually taken in macro doses of 2 grams or more, a lot of kratom users are experimenting with microdosing to achieve desired effects without any of adverse reactions. 

So does microdosing kratom actually work and, if so, what are the benefits of doing so? We will cover all that and more in this article that gives you the complete run-down of kratom microdosing. 

What is Microdosing?

Traditionally, the term microdosing has referred to very small doses of psychedelics like LSD or psilocybin. Instead of taking enough to get tht full-spectrum effects of a psychedelic experience, microdosing involves taking an amount of the substance that is non-percetable. 

What this means is that you may not consciously feel the effects like hallucinations, disorientation, and euphoria. However, the microdose will still have sub-perceptual outcomes.People believe that these effects will provide some of the most desirable benefits like creativity, altered perspective, mood lift, and art appreciation, without intoxication or inability to focus or perform normally. 

Many people also microdose nootropics, or smart drugs, to achieve better concentration, awareness, productivity, and memory, without overstimulation or negative effects. This brings us to kratom microdosing, which some liken to nootropics because of the tendency for lower doses to be energetic. 

Can You Microdose Kratom?

Of course you can microdose kratom, but users disagree about the benefits or lack thereof for a very small kratom dosage. Typically, a kratom microdose is considered anything under half a gram, but many people would also call .75 grams a microdose and 1 g is somewhat between micro and macro dosing. The amount you will need for a microdose will depend on your tolerance, desired results, and other factors like body weight and metabolism.

Kratom’s effects are very dose-dependent. Larger doses of 3 grams or more, especially above 5 grams, have a more relaxing and sedative effect while lower doses are more stimulating and good as a coffee replacement. 

So while you can microdose kratom and many people do, will it actually have desirable effects? Or is it useless?

Benefits of Microdosing Kratom

There are several benefits of microdosing kratom and while the effects may be subtle, they may be preferred to larger doses for some of the effects they provide. For some, microdosing may not provide any effects at all, but for others it is the way to go for a truly outstanding experience. 

Less Side Effects

The most obvious benefit is that lower doses of kratom are less likely to cause significant side effects. Some people find that energetic white kratom strains cause jitters, anxiousness, nervousness, and restlessness (although generally less than caffeine) and microdosing may still give the benefits they are looking for without these types of negative reactions. 

Furthermore, heavy kratom doses can cause nausea, brain fog, and other negative effects for some people. Microdosing prevents this from happening, especially for people who are sensitive to the effects of the kratom alkaloids. Finally, microdosing is less likely to cause dependency and withdrawal after daily use. 

Nootropic Results

While subtle, many users report noticeable nootropic results when taking very small doses of kratom from .1 to .5 grams. They have better focus and concentration and can pay attention to work or hobbies longer without a loss of enjoyment or awareness.They remain slightly stimulated for hours without feeling any overwhelming energy. 

 If this is the type of effect you want, then white strains and energetic green strains like Green Borneo Kratom may be the best options. They are more likely to provide stimulation, even at very low doses because of the energetic potency. 

Easy for Combination or Stacking

Microdoses of kratom can easily be added to a daily supplement routine to boost the results and offer synergistic effects without overpowering the impact of the other compounds. Plus, small doses can fit within a single capsule easily, so you can take it with convenience. 

Many people like combining kratom with supplements like Ginkgo Biloba, L-theanine, Ginseng, L-Tyrosine, and more. This can offer different effects than taken either herb or supplement by itself. 

Mood Lift

While larger kratom doses can provide a noticeable mood lift, a lot of people find that low doses work better for this purpose. Microdosers take it a step further and take minimal amounts of kratom for a very slight, but highly effective improvement in mood that allows them to go through the day with a smile on their face. 

Yellow strains are great for this benefit because they combine the relaxing and stress-fighting qualities of reds with the mood-lifting powers of greens. A microdose of a yellow strain like Yellow Gold Kratom should not impede productivity, but may also allow you to mentally and physically relax. 

How to Microdose Kratom

Microdosing kratom seems simple enough, but there are a few tips to keep in mind to get it just right. The first thing to consider is that your microdose should correlate with your macro dose. What does this mean? It means if you take 10 grams of kratom to get the effects you want, then a microdose may be as much as .8 grams or even a full gram, but if you get powerful results from 2.5 grams of kratom, you can probably start with .2 grams of kratom as your dose. 

A good rule of thumb is to go with a tenth of your normal dose, but you can go as low as a 20th. This means that you should divide your dose by 20 to get your optimal microdose. Remember this is just a rule and it may take some experimenting to get it just right. 

Furthermore, use a scale. This is really important because it is very hard to eyeball any amount of kratom, but especially hard when that amount is less than half a gram. Adjust your dose as needed and try to stick to at most 6 microdoses in a day and spread them out so that you always get a steady effect. 

Capsules, toss and wash, tea, or any other method used for regular kratom dosing can also be used for microdosing, so just keep your normal method if you are happy with it. Finally, make sure to pick a strain that offers the results you want from a high-quality vendor with a potent product. 


Microdosing kratom has some unique effects compared with standard dosages and while the result may be subtle, there are lots of benefits that may be preferred like less risk of side effects, lower likelihood of addiction, and more nootropic stackability. Good luck and let us know how your microdosing goes in the comments below! 

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