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Should You Take Kratom When You are Sick?

William Clark June 17, 2022 0 comments
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If you are a kratom user who has been sick, then you have likely wondered if it was a good idea to take kratom when you felt under the weather. Well, there are several considerations to keep in mind. While there are certainly benefits of doing so, there are also potential downsides that you want to keep in mind.

While there is currently no evidence that kratom can cure or treat any illness or disease, including Coronavirus, there are anecdotes and case studies that show promising results.

Benefits of Taking Kratom While Sick

Many kratom users report feeling better when taking kratom while they are sick. There are several reasons this could be the case. First, the kratom could simply make them feel better and forget about the symptoms or offer some relief from certain ailments. For example, instead of feeling fatigued, the kratom may make you feel energetic and ‘normal.’ Or it may just keep your mood in a better place. Second, kratom contains alkaloids that can stimulate the immune system, although more research is needed. Let’s check out these benefits.


Being sick, whether it is from a cold, flu, stomach virus, or something else can make us feel fatigued, drowsy, and foggy. Taking kratom, particularly a white strain like White Bali, can eliminate drowsiness and keep you alert and feeling like you can actually make it to bedtime without collapsing. If you still have to get things done, like work, taking care of children, making dinner, cleaning the house, or anything else, energetic strains may help you do just that despite feeling so bad.


Another factor that influences illness is the amount of sleep that you get. While a cough, nausea, or other symptoms may make it hard to get essential rest, a potent red kratom strain like Red Borneo, can help you relax. This may indirectly mask symptoms and make you feel better than you would otherwise. Plus, it can help your body and mind relax so that you don’t become so frustrated and stressed from being sick in the first place.


Kratom is often used to ease discomfort from a wide variety of ailments. This includes occurrences that happen when you are sick. Being ill can cause aches and pains, headaches, chills, and more. None of this is fun, but kratom may offer some sort of respite for some symptoms.

One study shows that kratom may offer “fast and sustained relieve” of “symptoms of COVID-19 fever, general malaise, pain and aches, myalgia, fatigue, and headache.” While this study is far from enough evidence to make any conclusions, many kratom users report similar findings and say that they just felt better after taking kratom while they were ill. Since many people take kratom for discomfort, mood, or vitality, it does make some sense.


Kratom can provide a boost to your outlook and state of mind and keep you feeling positive while you are sick. If you get down mentally when you are sick, you aren’t alone. However, kratom may help to give that burst of happiness to your mood that you are particularly lacking when you have a cold or stomach flu. This can indirectly hide some of the most troublesome symptoms that you may experience.

Improved Immunity 

There are no studies on kratom as a supplement to improve immunity or stimulate the immune system, but kratom does contain alkaloids that could potentially offer such results. Kratom contains epicatechin, which acts as an antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and more. Also found in kratom are two substances that act as immunostimulants, mitraphylline, and isomitrphylline. Other alkaloids present in kratom may have similar results or help to relieve other issues you encounter while sick like high blood pressure, vasoconstriction, tense muscles, and more.

Downsides and Hazards of Taking Kratom While Sick

In addition to the benefits of taking kratom while sick, there are certainly some things you want to keep in mind before doing so. Let’s look at some of the possible downsides and hazards that you may encounter while taking kratom when recovering from an illness.


For some people, kratom may cause nausea. If you have a stomach issue while sick, then this side effect may be amplified, which means more risk of feeling worse or vomiting. If nausea happens to be a result of powder, tea, or the taste of kratom in general, then you may find kratom capsules are easier to use while you are sick.


Many people get dehydrated on kratom and being sick can also contribute to this issue. This can make you feel much, much worse than if you were drinking enough water. Therefore, if you do plan on taking kratom while you are sick, then be sure to drink more water to ensure that you remain properly hydrated.

Other Medications

If you are taking other medications for the symptoms of your illness, then you need to consider that before taking kratom as well. While kratom is generally safe with OTC cold and stomach medications, they may interact and increase drowsiness or other side effects. So just be careful with any mixing.


Kratom can be fantastic for well-being most days, but when you are sick there are additional considerations to make. Still, a lot of people have discovered that kratom makes them feel better when they are sick by easing symptoms or offering a better perspective. Good luck with recovering!

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