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How Does Kratom Affect Sex Drive?

William Clark June 11, 2022 0 comments
How Does Kratom Affect Sex Drive min

Kratom contains a lot of different alkaloids that influence neurotransmitters and hormones, so it makes sense that there would be some changes in sex drive and performance. However, whether those changes are positive or negative depends on what you are looking for. Some people find that kratom enhances their sex life while others find that kratom makes their sex life almost nonexistent. 

So, how does taking kratom influence libido, sexual activity, and duration of performance?

Kratom Can Lower Sex Drive

For many men and women, kratom erases sex from their minds. Even people with a healthy sex drive may find that they have less sexual desire and may not go out of their way to speak to those they are attracted to. They may date less and not worry about doing so. 

This mental and emotional change in sex drive coincides with a physical change in libido as well. It can make it harder to become aroused and there are possibly several reasons for this. Kratom may dull some of the senses so that the body is less sensitive to touch which would generally turn you on. 

While there are no research studies on it, some people theorize that kratom reduces blood flow, which could explain the difficulty with erections in males. One study on kratom shows that frequent use of the herb causes higher levels of prolactin, a hormone that can interfere with the production and secretion of gonadotropin. The result could be decreased testosterone and erectile dysfunction in men. 

However, the increase in prolactin is likely no the only thing going on because it does not explain the decreased sex drive in women, who also report having lower libido and difficulty with arousal. Still, other hormonal changes may be the primary cause for these types of changes in both females and males and are certainly something to keep in mind when taking kratom. 

Kratom Can Enhance Sexual Performance

While a lot of people experience lower sex drive when taking kratom, others prefer to use kratom as an enhancer for sexual performance. One study found that 78% of participants used kratom to enhance sexual performance

Some of the reasons for this are related to decreased libido and difficulty with arousal. Some men found that it made them last longer in bed and helped them maintain an erection during intercourse. Participants also preferred the decreased sensitivity caused by kratom for this reason. However, other results show an opposite effect from decreased libido including increased sexual desire and longer climax. 

While that study focuses on men, a lot of women have similar experiences with sexual performance. They feel like they start stronger and have a peak that is more sensual and pleasurable. While many women discover that they are less sensitive, they like that the sensations build-up toward a better climax. 

Tips to Avoid Low Libido From Kratom

If low libido is one of your concerns when using kratom, then these tips may help you avoid decreased sex drive.

Don’t Use Right Before a Date

Avoid using kratom immediately before a date or sexual intercourse. While some people like the effects of sexual performance, most of them like the kratom effects to settle in for a while before a sexual encounter. Because of this, it is best to take kratom at least an hour or two before you plan on having sex. 

Avoid High Doses

High doses of kratom are more likely to reduce feelings of touch and can also cause difficulty getting aroused at all. Lower dosages can provide positive effects on sexual performance like more energy, increased desire, and better emotional connections with a sexual partner. 

The right kratom dosage depends greatly on your own body, but a good dose for sexual performance for men is usually somewhere between 1 and 2.5 grams. If you are heavier than 225 pounds or have a tolerance to kratom, then you may need more. For women, 1 gram is often enough for sexual performance without tolerance. 

Use Quality Kratom

Bad quality kratom is more likely to cause side effects that can negatively impact a sexual experience like nausea, headaches, and brain fog. A lot of people find that superior kratom types provide a boost to sexual performance while low-quality strains have the opposite effect and lower libido and eradicate sexual desire and drive. 

Choose the Right Strain

Choosing the right kratom strain can have a major impact on whether it gives you positive or negative results for libido. Most people want to avoid red strains before sexual relations because they are more likely to cause numbness, lethargy, and sedation. 

If you are looking for energetic and exciting sexual experiences, then white strains are your best bet. We recommend White Borneo Kratom because it offers extreme energy and is great for promoting a positive mood and social interaction that makes it perfect for dating inside and outside of the bedroom. 

For those who believe that their stress and anxious thoughts get in the way of their libido, Green Kali is an excellent strain for more energy that is unlikely to cause rapid thoughts, restlessness, or nervousness. 


Whether kratom will negatively or positively affect your sex drive depends on several factors. Some people only have decreased sex drive, but others love the effects that kratom has on sexual performance, duration, and sensitivity. You may just have to try out different dosages and strains until you find one that works for you! 

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