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What is the Red Bubble Kratom?

Billy Carlyle May 27, 2022 0 comments
what is the Red Bubble Kratom

Kratom users are always searching for different ways to take kratom that can enhance the effects or make it easier to consume without the strong taste of powdered leaf. One of the lesser known methods for preparing kratom is called Red Bubble Kratom. Whether you have heard of this way to prepare or not, you may want to give it a shot!

What is Red Bubble Kratom?

Red Bubble kratom is not a type of kratom and it isn’t actually a way to consume kratom, at least not exactly. It is actually a way to prepare kratom that ensures better alkaloid extraction and absorption by the body. It involves freezing kratom tea in a certain way that forms a reddish bubble on the top of the frozen kratom and water. 

Despite the name, the bubble will be red even if you use fresh Green Hulu or any other non-red color kratom for your dose, but it may be a little more red if you prepare using red options like Red Thai. So what causes it?

When you put water into any vessel, the outside will be the first to freeze because of the colder temperatures without the resistance of cool water. As the exterior of the container and outside portions of the water turns into ice, then it gradually moves toward the center of the fluid. You may have noticed this with ice cubes that still have liquid water within the middle even though the outside is already frozen. 

During this process, contaminants in the water, like magnesium, fluoride, calcium, and other minerals, are pushed inward toward the center of the ice. This is the reason that ice cubes are often white instead of clear toward the center, especially when they are made with tap water. 

This same thing happens when your kratom is freezing except there are tons of alkaloids and organic compounds. All the beneficial substances that you want out of your kratom are forced toward the center of the ice including pigments that produce the red shades.

So, what?

What is the Point of Red Bubble Kratom?

There is a purpose behind this odd preparation method and it isn’t just to create the cool red bubble appearance. The reason to use this method is to release more alkaloids from the plant material before drinking it. Why does that matter for people who consume all the plant matter anyway? Because it makes it easier for our body to digest the material and absorb the alkaloids that produce the awesome effects of the kratom plant. This means less kratom is needed for a stronger effect. 

Red Bubble Kratom offers this effect by destroying cellular walls made of cellulose. Cellulose is indigestible and therefore will hold some of those fantastic alkaloids hostage instead of allowing our body to use them. Digestive processes like enzyme release, stomach acid, and chewing break down the cell walls, but not completely (and who wants to chew kratom? Ew!). 

Freezing the organic plant matter can break down those cellular walls and break the alkaloids out of their cellulose prison. As ice forms within the cell membrane, it will weaken the structure. Then, when that same ice thaws, the structure breaks down. 

Does Red Bubble Kratom Preparation Work?

Many kratom users swear by the Red Bubble technique to prepare their kratom, but there are no scientific studies to conclude whether it works or not. There are others who claim that it does nothing and reduces kratom effects or contributes to more side effects. However, the science behind the procedure makes sense and it should have some beneficial outcomes based on what we know about the preparation and kratom alkaloids. 

Since so many people feel stronger effects from this technique, it is worth trying it at least one time to see how it influences the results you get from your kratom dose. If you want to try it out, check out our instructions for making Red Bubble Kratom. 

How to Make Red Bubble Kratom

What You Need:

  • A plastic or glass container – jars, tupperware, bowls, and cups all work fine 
  • Lemon juice or apple cider vinegar (or some other acidic and edible liquid like pickle juice, lime juice, or citric acid)
  • Purified water
  • Freezer
  • High-Quality Kratom Powder 
  1. Measure out a serving of your favorite kratom strain. You can use multiple servings as well and can divide up the concoction at the end into separate doses. It is important that you get quality kratom so that there are no contaminants like bacteria or heavy metals, so select a vendor that tests their kratom products.
  2. Mix your kratom powder with acidic liquid. We recommend lemon juice, but apple cider vinegar is another popular option. Mix it enough to be completely fluid, but thick like pancake batter. Let the mixture sit for 15 minutes before continuing to step 3. 
  3.  Bring purified water to a boil and remove from heat until it cools below 190 degrees Fahrenheit. You never want it to be still boiling when it comes into contact with your kratom because it can destroy the beneficial alkaloids. Take 2 to 4 ounces of water and add the mixture from step 2. Stir until the kratom, acidic choice, and water are thoroughly mixed together. 
  4. Place the concoction into the freezer and leave for 3 to 6 hours. When it is ready, you should notice that a red bubble has formed on top of the frozen mixture. This is a sign that you did the procedure correctly and that it is ready to use. 
  5. Drink it up! However, it does not taste good to most people and the lemon juice or other acid can taste worse than just kratom to some. So what can you do? Add it to slushes or smoothies while it is still frozen or thaw it out and add it to tea, coffee, or juice. You can also dilute it with water to reduce the strong flavor. 

Final Thoughts on Red Bubble Kratom

Red Bubble Kratom is an interesting method of preparation that isn’t too difficult and greatly improves the effects for some people. It is certainly worth a shot to see how it works for you! Let us know what the results are for you by commenting below! In the meantime, choose our powerful Lucky 7 blend that is perfect for the Red Bubble technique. 

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