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5 Tips to Take Kratom Cautiously and How?

William Clark November 9, 2021 0 comments

Kratom can be highly beneficial for a lot of people, but there are also some concerns as well. Because of this, it is best to be informed about kratom, its effects (including side effects), and how to consume the plant safely and responsibly. 

This article includes 5 tips to get the most out of your kratom experiences with potential adverse effects and harm reduction in mind. Just because kratom is natural does not mean that there aren’t any downsides to be aware of. However, if you follow tips like the ones in this article, the likelihood of a negative experience is much less. 

1. Avoid Taking Kratom Every Day 

While a lot of people do take kratom every day, it is best to avoid doing so for a few different reasons. The primary concern is related to dependence. With daily use comes dependence, which means that you will have some unpleasant symptoms if you stop taking kratom. 

Most people find the withdrawal symptoms to be very mild, but it still is not a fun way to spend a couple days. This negative aspect of kratom can be avoided by taking kratom at most 5 times in a week. A lot of users even recommend avoiding kratom consumption two days in a row. If you do this, then you will not become physically dependent. 

Another factor to consider is tolerance. Someone who takes kratom every day will rapidly develop a tolerance, which means they have to take more of the substance to achieve the desired results. Not only that, but some people find that they cannot get the most beneficial effects after developing a tolerance. 

If you do develop a tolerance, you can take a break from kratom to allow your tolerance to decrease. However, it is best to prevent it at all. This means to avoid taking it every single day and also to avoid heavy doses that can drive up your tolerance faster. 

Finally, when taking kratom every day, you may find that the side effects are worse. Side effects like constipation and nausea can get worse if you take kratom often. This is another reason to take a break every now and then and not to take kratom every day for a week or longer. 

2. Purchase from Reputable Companies

There are tons of different companies that sell kratom. Some are companies that specialize in other products and sell kratom on the side, like head shops or online nootropics companies. Others are kratom companies and any other products they offer are secondary to their high-quality kratom strains. 

It is best to choose a company with a good reputation for a couple of reasons. First, solid companies will always test their kratom batches to ensure that there are no contaminants. Good kratom vendors will also have lab reports available either on their website or will provide them if you ask them for a copy. There have been cases of E. Coli and high amounts of heavy metals in some kratom and  buying from a reputable company ensures that you will not consume kratom that has these types of dangerous contaminants. You can check out Shop Ketum’s lab results here

In addition, a good company will also have better kratom. While you may have beneficial effects of store bought or low quality kratom, the plant matter from quality companies will be fresher and more effective. The alkaloid content will be higher and the leaf will taste better. This can even save you money because you won’t have to take so much (plus, who wants to ingest so much plant material anyway?!).

3. Start Slow

With any new product that you ingest, it is best to start slow. This will help you to reduce the likelihood of side effects like nausea, dizziness, or drowsiness. It can also help you determine how it will affect you. Kratom can be beneficial, but it affects everyone differently. Some people don’t like it at all and some are just sensitive and get profound effects from a small dose. 

Starting slow also means that you can avoid high tolerance from the beginning. Tolerance can lead to weaker effects and higher dosage that you probably want to avoid. With kratom, starting at the lowest effective dose is always a good idea for this reason. 

Finally, with kratom many users find that less is more. A smaller dose of kratom is often more effective than a larger dose, especially for some of the benefits. Then, the increase of the dose only amplifies the side effects without offering any other benefits. 

4. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is always important, but more so for kratom users. This is because kratom can contribute to dehydration. Being dehydrated while taking kratom can make you feel pretty bad and make your kratom experience unpleasant. 

Always drink enough water with your kratom dose. If you use the toss and wash method like I do, then try to drink a full glass or bottle of water with each dose. I divide my dose into 4 so I drink a little water each time. This forces me to always drink an entire glass of water.

Some people even say that being hydrated before dosing makes the kratom stronger. While I am unaware of any science that backs this claim up, it is a fairly common idea. Some suggest that it could be that the water in the stomach helps to break down the kratom more without damaging the alkaloids whereas the stomach acid could deteriorate the active components. Either way, it is healthy and definitely worth it to try. 

5. Choose the Right Color 

If you are new to kratom, you may feel overwhelmed by all the strains. Don’t be. In fact, until you have some experience, you can actually disregard strains altogether.Sure, you can choose the strain you want, but what is more important for new users is the color. 

Kratom vein colors determine the effects of the kratom. The strain merely highlights different effects of the specific color. 

White kratom is the most energetic kratom color and is good for those who want to take kratom while remaining productive or outgoing. Red kratom is the most relaxing type and is great for a tranquil experience. Green kratom is the best of both worlds, offering moderate relaxation with mild energetic feelings. Finally, yellow kratom offers relaxation similar to reds, but also has a hint of energy and is great for the red experience without feeling sleepy or unmotivated. 


For new users of kratom, it is best to become educated and cautious in order to avoid unpleasant experiences and to get the results that you desire. If there are other questions you have about kratom, feel free to ask by leaving a comment! We’d love to hear from you 

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