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How to Potentiate Kratom Effects?

Shuanna Kaufman January 7, 2021 0 comments
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Kratom has been renowned in popularity because of its mood-boosting and analgesic properties. Combining red vein kratom with potentiators intensifies its sedative and relaxing effects.

Origin And Cultivation

Lush forests of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand are credible for their growth and development in the fertile soil and humid atmosphere. Alkaloids profile varies according to the region of growth and the strain you are using.

Fresh leaves are plucked out and dried in large chambers, then sent to manufacturing departments. The silky smooth fine powder is sealed in airtight containers and imported into the USA.

Legal aspects

It is legal for anyone above 18 years in the United States, excluding Alaska, Indiana, Alabama, Rhode Island and Wisconsin. It is not legal in the areas where it is grown. 

While the FDA’s concerns about this ingredient are not encouraging, there is a need for more research. They consider kratum as an addictive substance that affects opioid receptors and mimics morphine. To ensure the safety of pure mitragyna supply, AKA introduced KCPA and the Good Manufacturing Practices program that includes regular testing.

Understand How Kratom Works

A study established mitragyna’s active alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine acts as partial agonists at mu-opioid receptors that induce stimulant, analgesic and mood-elevating effects. It blocks pathways and exerts diverse activities at brain receptors, including muscle relaxation and sound sleep. 

Kratom Potentiators That Work Precisely

Ketum potentiators are the ingredients that we add to kratom powder to make its outcomes last for a longer duration. However, its effects may vary according to an individual’s physical condition like health, age, body weight, and underlying medical disorders. You need to adjust the kratom dose and enhance its potency accurately in measured proportions.

Mitragyna’s outcomes are stimulating enthusiasm and relaxation, making users achieve a state of mind. It works by fastening the reactions of alkaloids to get absorbed in the body quickly at low doses.

Grapefruit And Other Citrus Juices

Enzyme-rich grapefruit juice enhances the alkaloid’s efficiency that activates metabolism pathways. Together with mitragyna, antioxidants boost immunity, promote digestion, and help the body fight against viruses. 

You can also add lemon or orange juice to your tea. If you are not a juice lover, you can add a slice to the tea to mask the bitter taste. 


Turmeric is a natural spice with considerable potentiating skills. It contains anti-inflammatory properties making it a good choice as a health regimen. Its boosting powers help it remain in the body for a long time. Due to its bitter taste, you should put turmeric and kakuam powder in capsules. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

For a better combination of ACV and kakum, it is recommended to make kratom tea and then add 1 – 2 tablespoons of apple cider as a potentiator. If you are not used to the taste of Apple cider vinegar, don’t start with the toss and wash method because ACV can be irritating in large amounts. 

Cayenne Pepper

It is an ordinary spice like turmeric that promotes saliva production, boosts the cardiovascular system, and facilitates digestion. Fill the mixture into capsules after measuring on the gauge to avoid bitterness. 

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is a wonderful choice among tea lovers that helps digest ketum powder to make it influential and prolong its outcomes on the body. Stir kakum well before consuming chamomile tea. It would be best to mix it with red vein kratom to promote euphoric and sedative effects at night. 


It is a type of ultra-hydrated lettuce with lots of nutrients that aid in digestion and absorption. It contains a rich amount of iron and vitamin C that strengthens immunity, cognition, and stamina. The best method is to boil watercress and mix it with kakum powder for prolonged effects. 


It is the most natural ingredient and easy-to-use potentiator that makes kratum potent and prolongs the results. You can add the powder into coffee that accelerates alkaloids functions.

Freeze Kratom For Short Time

Freezing mitragyna for 30 minutes helps break plant cell walls, release alkaloids quickly, and make digestion easier. It is thawed before using and mixed with citric acid juices like lemon and orange juice. 

How Can You Safely Potentiate Kratom?

Blends can come up with unwanted and startling adverse effects if used in excess. Individual responses vary according to dose, the timing of consumption, and health conditions. Maybe some are sensitive to quick consequences and may experience palpitations, increased heart rate, and undue sedation. 

Combining kratum with natural substances doesn’t produce health hazards leading to fatalities. Serious side effects occur due to combining mitragyna with opiates, benzodiazepines, and other over-the-counter drugs with the intention of increasing its potency extremely.

Is Potentiation Of Kratom Dangerous?

Mixing two things that alter the composition and ways by which the body reacts is extremely hazardous to humans. But it all depends on the substance you used and the quantity. 

Usually, kratom is mixed with natural materials like turmeric, citric acid juices, ACV, caffeine, and chamomile tea. So its potentiation is assumed to be safe. There are cases in which vendors mix addictive elements like opioids, barbiturates, and fentanyl with ketum to gain more profit or defy and get kratum banned across the world. A study in 2016 proved the intoxication of kratom with artificial alkaloids affecting people’s lives and getting the attention of law agencies. 

So if you feel any abnormal symptoms after taking kakum like nausea, palpitations, cramps, and dizziness, stop using the herb and consult a doctor. It might be due to contamination of the ketum.

Take Kratom On An Empty Stomach

Swallowing ketum while having an empty stomach participates in fast absorption and digestion, imposing significant results. Fatty food slows the absorption, especially when taken within two hours, as it slows the digestion and absorption in the blood.

Toss and wash is the fast method of potentiating kratum. In this, you have to swallow kakum powder in combination with a potentiator and drink plenty of water to swallow it down your throat. You can add it to strongly flavored juices or pack it in the capsules to avoid a bitter taste. But keep in mind kratom capsules take more time to get consumed with sparing of burnt aroma. 

Can CBD Oil Potentiate Kratom?

Cbd oil contains enzymes that degrade alkaloids present in mitragyna, making them act at a faster pace. 2D6 is the enzyme responsible for the metabolism of mitragynine and 7 – hydroxymitragynine. 

Taking an adequate dose of CBD along with or prior to kratom ingestion could extend the desired outcomes. The use of ketum with CBD in vaping is advancing for knocking out in minimum time. 

Final Words

If you are new to the kratom world or finding new ways to experience it, give potentiators a try. You can mix natural ingredients or freeze mitragyna before consuming and seeing the results that suit you the best. 

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