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Kratom for Runners

William Clark July 20, 2022 0 comments
Kratom for Runners

Runners of every type from those just trying to get exercise to competitive athletes always look for an edge to help them out. In many cases, that means workout supplements, new running shoes, or motivational exercises. However, some runners have discovered that kratom helps give them a burst that they otherwise would not have. 

However, it may not be without its downsides as well. This article examines the benefits of kratom for runners and the many aspects of kratom that can help with faster running, better recovery, or achieving greater goals. It also looks at some of the potential cons of taking kratom for running. 

Benefits of Kratom for Runners

There are several benefits of kratom for runners related to the psychoactive effects of the medicinal herb. Athletes more and more are using kratom to relieve discomfort, achieve better moods, and develop a healthier lifestyle. Let’s look at some of the benefits of running. 

Better Sleep

It is extremely hard to run when sleepy or tired, especially competitively. Sleep is part of a healthy routine for anybody, especially runners and other athletes. It replenishes energy levels and helps your body recover. Kratom can help some people get in a mood destined for sleep as long as you select the right type. It can relax the body and mind and prepare you for a deeper, more restful night. For this purpose, we recommend sedating and relaxing red strains like Red Bentuangie kratom. 

Less Discomfort

Running can be painful. You may notice that your side hurts or develop shin splints. The next morning your knees, back, and feet may hurt. This can be bothersome and keep you from sticking to your fitness regimen. Kratom can help you feel more comfortable and relieve some of the most distressing feelings that begin after a run. This can help you recover faster and get back to running again. For this type of benefit, Red Bali kratom is the most preferred type according to regular users. 

More Energy and Motivation 

Kratom can also provide a burst of energy that keeps you running and up and about. On those mornings when you just don’t feel like you can get out of bed and jog but want to avoid yet another cup of coffee, you may feel out of options. Or during a run when you want to quit, kratom can help you stay motivated, energetic, and spry for hours on end with a single dose. For energy and motivation, white options are always superb. We suggest a small dose of Super White kratom for the energy to go running every day regardless of if you’re a hobbyist or competitive athlete. 

Better Mindset

Kratom can provide an optimal mindset for getting things done, without the stress of daily life bothering you. A lot of runners love running for this very reason…to get away from their daily frustrations and stressors. Kratom can help to promote that type of stressless mindset for positivity and a good mood. A good green veined kratom strain like Green Borneo kratom is perfect for encouraging a happy state of mind. Kratom can also enhance the feeling you get from runner’s high to give an even more powerful mood lift and a sense of euphoria. 

Downsides and Tips of Kratom for Runners

While there are tons of great benefits of taking kratom before, after, or during a run, there are some things to keep in mind before doing so to make sure that you have a good experience and it does what you want. Let’s look at some of the potential issues and how to avoid them if you want to take kratom for running. 


Kratom can cause nausea, and it is not fun at all. If you feel sick then you definitely aren’t going to want to run. However, this is usually caused by doses that are too heavy or strong. So to prevent nausea during or after a run, make sure to start slowly and take as low of a dose as you need to get the effects you want. Some people find eating before or after taking kratom can help as well, but it can also influence the effects you get so you may have to try different techniques to get it to work for you. 

Opposite Effects

Some runners take kratom before a run for energy and find they end up being tired or take it to recover and end up being wired. That’s no good. Since kratom can have both upper and downy effects, it is crucial to get the type of kratom right as well as the dose. White strains are energetic and stimulating while red strains are sedating. Green strains? They are somewhere in between and often a good place to start. Then there are yellow kratom strains that tend to balance out between the sedating reds and the balanced greens and are great for any running use. 


Kratom can contribute to dehydration, which is even more of an issue if you are running and sweating. This can cause mild issues or severe problems depending on the severity of the dehydration. Any time you take kratom as a runner, be sure to drink water, more water, and more water. If you are used to running, you know how important this is, but you will have to hydrate even more once you take kratom. 

Final Thoughts on Kratom for Runners

Kratom can be a great tool for enhancing performance or aiding in recovery for runners. The energetic and motivational effects are great for pre-running dosing while the sedating strains lend themselves to better recovery and relaxation that coincides with the mood lift of a runner’s high. Just make sure you stay hydrated, choose the right strain, and start slow. 

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