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How Many Grams in a Capsule of Kratom?

William Clark October 26, 2021 0 comments

The most popular form of kratom is powder, but a lot of people do not like to toss-and-wash or do not like the taste even when it is made into sweetened kratom tea. If that is the case, you probably turn to capsules. 

However, there are many different types of capsules in different sizes, which can become confusing if you are trying to dose precisely to your needs. We include a guide for the amount of grams that will fit into each capsule size, but first let’s look at the different types of capsules as well as the different sizes that they come in.

Capsule Types and Sizes

Before we look at how much kratom fits into different sizes of capsules, you should know what the different capsules types and sizes mean and if they offer benefits or downsides. 


There are a lot of different types of capsules, but you probably won’t come across most of them when it comes to kratom. There are only two types that you will most likely find for pre-filled kratom capsules and if you plan on filling your own capsules, these two choices are best. 

  • Veggie – Veggie capsules are made with hypromellose, cellulose, and purified water. They are vegetarian-friendly and you may even be able to find ones that are vegan-friendly. They are non-GMO and do not contain any chemicals or preservatives. They are more expensive than the other type, but are worth it for a lot of kratom aficionados. 
  • Gelatin – This type is much cheaper and many people find that they are easier to work with because they are more malleable. This makes them a good choice if you plan on making your own kratom capsules. However, unlike veggie capsules, they often contain beef, pork, or chicken byproducts and may even include hormones, antibiotics, and traces of chemicals used in the raising of animals. 


Now that you know the two main types of capsules for kratom, you can look at the different sizes. The sizes are the same for any type of capsule and identifying the size may help you measure your dose correctly. 

  • Sizes 3, 4, and 5 – These are the three smallest capsule sizes. They are not used for pre-filled kratom capsules because they do not hold enough kratom to be worth it. You would end up taking so many capsules just to get to a moderate dose. 
  • Size 2 – This size is rarely used for pre-filled kratom capsules, but some people who have difficulty swallowing pills may use this size to make their own capsules. 
  • Size 1 – This isn’t as common as some of the other sizes, but you can probably find kratom capsules in size 1 fairly easily. They hold almost as much as the next larger size, but can be much easier to swallow. 
  • Size 0 – This is by far the most common capsule size for kratom. It offers a size that is not too hard to swallow, but still holds a decent amount of kratom. 
  • Size 00 – Size 00 capsules are also quite popular. If you do not have trouble swallowing pills, then this could be a good choice because you do not have to take nearly as many size 00 capsules as you would size 1 or 0. 
  • Size 000 – The largest capsule size that can be very hard to swallow. They can hold a good amount of kratom so you do not need to take a ton of capsules. This is preferred by some people, but a lot of people would rather take a couple extra capsules to avoid swallowing these monsters.
  • Oblate Discs – Oblate discs are a good alternative to capsules. They are cheap and effective and hold much more than any of the capsule sizes. They are made from edible film made from potato starch that folds together. Then, you just swallow it like a capsule or pill.
  • Tablets – This is another alternative made out of pressed kratom. Kratom tablets make it easier to take compared to powder, but it also kicks in quickly.  

How Many Grams Fit Into Each Capsule?

Each capsule will hold a different amount of kratom so you can see which option may be best for you. In addition, the kratom strain and consistency will also change the amount that will fit in some cases. It is also important to remember that the amount that fits into each capsule is average and some may contain less or more kratom than the average. 

  • Size 2 – Size two is small, but can still hold .3 grams of kratom. This would mean that you would have to take 10 capsules for a 3 gram dose. 
  • Size 1 – Size one capsule can hold .4 grams of kratom. This would mean that you would have to take 7 or 8 capsules for a 3 gram kratom dose. 
  • Size 0 – Size – capsules are the easiest to dose because they contain a half gram of kratom. Sometimes they can hold a little less or a little more, but the difference is negligible. You would have to take 6 capsules for a 3 gram dose.
  • Size 00 – This size holds .75 grams of kratom so for a 3 gram kratom dose you would need to take 4 capsules.
  • Size 000 – This huge capsule will hold an entire gram of kratom. You would only have to take 3 capsules for a 3 gram dose.

The density of the kratom powder plays a huge role in determining how much will fit into each capsule. A capsule will hold more finely ground powder than it would coarse powder or crushed leaves

The color of the kratom can play a part as well. Generally white kratom strains are the least dense, which means you may not be able to fit as much into a capsule. This is probably caused by the inclusion of kratom veins. 

The most dense is green kratom powder because it is the closest to fresh because other types undergo a drying or fermenting process. Yellow and Red kratom strains have a density somewhere between white and green.

Why Do People Choose Capsules?

People prefer capsules for a number of different reasons. They are more convenient and easy to take with you anywhere you go. This is preferable for people who have a driving job or want to take kratom at the office. 

Capsules do not have the strong taste of kratom powder because the only portion to hit your taste buds is the outside of the capsule itself. This is good for people who get nauseous or gag just thinking about the taste of kratom powder. 

People also like capsules because it is much easier to determine your dose without a scale. As long as you know the capsule size, you should be able to estimate a kratom dose within .25 grams. 

Some people also like the fact that the onset is more subtle and the peak is less intense. The effects may also last a little longer than with powder. 

What are the Downsides to Capsules?

While there are some great benefits to kratom, there are also some downsides to be aware of. Pre-filled ones are much more expensive than kratom powder and if you want to fill your own you have to take the time to do so (it can be messy too!). 

Some people also find that kratom capsules are weaker than the same dose with powder. The peak will not be as strong with capsules and, instead, offer sustained, mild results. Some people even get more nauseous taking so many capsules than they do taking pure powder. 


Now you can take the right dose with confidence knowing how much kratom powder fits into your capsules. No more wondering or weighing kratom capsules, which adds to the already convenient aspects of using capsules over powder. The higher price tag is worth it for many, but you can also save money by making your own capsules. Good luck with your kratom experience!

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