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When is the Best Time to Take Kratom?

William Clark February 28, 2022 0 comments
When is the Best Time to Take Kratom 2

While you can take kratom at any time, taking kratom at the right time can help you get the results that you desire and may increase the beneficial effects. When to take your kratom can depend on a variety of factors including what you use the herb for, what you have eaten, the dose you plan on taking, the strain and color of the kratom, and other factors. 

First, let’s look at how you can determine the best time for your situation relative to your reason for using kratom and the type of kratom that you enjoy. 

How to Know the Best Time to Take Kratom

There are a lot of reasons people seek out kratom. Some people take it to relieve discomfort or just to relax. Others take it for energy, focus, and enhanced productivity. Still others may use it recreationally or to help them get off of other substances that are more harmful to their well-being. 

It is a good idea to note that most people find that their first kratom dose of the day is always the most powerful. This is likely because overnight you went longer without taking kratom than you would during the day. 

The best time to take kratom will depend greatly on what you want to get out of it. This will also influence the type of kratom that you should get because different colors and strains offer different benefits. This article examines the most common reasons for taking kratom and how those can help you determine the best time to ingest the plant.

Relieve Discomfort and Relaxation

If you are wanting to relax, relieve physical discomfort, or reduce stress, then you are more likely to enjoy a red strain or possibly a green strain. These types of kratom, like Red Banjar, are often preferred at night time because they help to destress the mind and relax the body. 

However, a lot of people also take slow red strains during the day to relieve discomfort and muscle aggravation. This can help you make it through the day without agony so you can focus on working, socializing, or doing the things that you enjoy. 

Basically, as long as the side effects do not interfere with your quality of life, if you are looking for these effects then you should basically take the kratom as needed. If you wake up with discomfort or tension, then it is fine to take the kratom then. If you only feel physical discomfort after working or exercising, then take it then. The only thing is that you should avoid taking a second dose too close to the first dose because the outcomes will not be as potent. 

Energy and Focus

For energy and focus, you should seek white strains and the best time to take them is in the morning at least an hour before you want enhanced focus and increased vitality. Taking them in the morning can be wonderful and a lot of people like the impact that coffee and kratom have as a morning combination. 

Another popular time to boost energy and productivity is during the afternoon slump. This can be a great time because it helps you battle through the sluggishness and brain fog that often occurs after lunchtime. This should be fine, but you do want to avoid energetic strains late in the day because they can disrupt natural sleep patterns. 

Should You Take Kratom on an Empty Stomach

You may wonder when you should take kratom relevant to the time that you eat. Kratom can cause nausea in some people, especially at high doses, and planning it around food can help you avoid that side effect. 

For new users, it can be best to take kratom after a small meal or about an hour after a medium sized meal because it can prevent uncomfortable effects. It can also prevent an overly intense experience that can lead to other side effects and unwanted results. 

For most people, myself included, taking kratom too closely to meal time can greatly diminish the effects. Because of this, experienced kratom users often plan to take kratom a few hours before or after a meal. To avoid diminished results, you should wait at least an hour after eating before consuming the kratom and the longer you wait, the more likely that you achieve potent effects.

When Should You Avoid Kratom?

Knowing when to take kratom is important, but it is just as important to know when you should not take kratom. There are a few things to keep in mind in addition to eating right before or right after taking kratom. 

For a lot of people, kratom can make them drowsy. This can make it harder to work or focus. If this is the case for you, then you want to avoid taking kratom, at least kratom strains that cause sedation, during the day or when you have to be productive. 

On the other side of the spectrum, there are people and strains that can cause alertness that can interfere with sleep or make it hard to relax. These strains should always be avoided at night if you plan on getting much sleep. 

You also want to avoid taking kratom doses too closely to each other because the kratom will not have as strong of an effect if the earlier dose is still working, even if only a little. Because of this, it is a good idea to know how to space out doses if you want to take more than one in a day. 

Taking Multiple Doses in a Day

A lot of people take more than one kratom dose in a day and if that is your plan then you need to make sure to take into account eating habits, sleeping habits, desired effects, and proximity of doses. 

It is best to take the first kratom dose in the morning so that you do not have to push your second and subsequent doses too late in the day. Personally, I take 3 kratom doses a day and I ingest my first kratom an hour to 2 hours after a small breakfast at around 8:30 or 9 am. 

After taking a kratom dose in the morning, you will want to wait long enough to take the second dose so that the primary dose is no longer having any effect. For me, this means that I eat lunch prior to taking the second dose and wait at least an hour and a half. My second dose usually falls somewhere between 2 and 2:30 pm. 

If you want to take a third dose, or even a fourth, just make sure to continue to wait between doses and to keep potential side effects like drowsiness, insomnia, and nausea into account. My third and final dose falls between 7:30 and 8:30 pm and I avoid white strains and stimulating green strains at this time to ensure a good night of sleep. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Time to Take Kratom

As you can see, there is no specific best time to take kratom, but there are plenty of considerations that can help you decide the best time that works for you. Just remember that a kratom dose will take between 30 minutes and an hour to begin to take effect and will last a few hours, up to 6 hours in some cases. Plan your day accordingly and make sure to take other factors like eating times, multiple doses, and desired results into account. 

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